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  1. The properties can only be insured by their respective owners so combining all 5 properties would not be an option unless ownership is also changed to the same person or company. This would not be worth it for just for a potential insurance discount. In our experience trying to insure two properties together is not going to generate too much of a discount if any. I would recommend treating each property separately and if you find that the best quote is coming back with the same insurer/broker for both of them, contact said insurer/broker and enquire about combining for a discount. Even if
  2. Landlord Insurance for properties that are initially unoccupied before being let to tenants should not be a problem. This is so common and something we encounter daily. Starts based on it being empty and then when a tenant found you simply inform the insurer/broker and it changes over to an occupied property. A landlord insurance policy should be set up to deal with the gaps in tenancies like this without issue. Probably not something easily obtained by online quote forms so I would recommend speaking to a good landlord insurance broker and I'm sure you'll be able to get the cover you nee
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