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  1. Hi Debs, Chris would be the best point of call for this Town.
  2. Hi Debs, Do you mind me asking which parts of South Manchester as this is where I live myself (Withington / Didsbury) border. There is quite a few potential areas in South Manchester some which offer good capital growth whereas other areas would be preferred for yields. We also rent properties for our network of corporate clients dependent on area so this could be a potential option for purchase and rental. Chris's details are 07703345632 and if you let him know you know me he will be more than willing to provide some advice also. Kind regards Andrew
  3. Hi Everyone, Relatively new to the investment field, however have been working in property for close to ten years in the serviced apartment and property finding field for corporate clientele relocating employees to the UK. Hoping to knowledge share with the skills I have developed in these areas and vice versa in the investment field. One query I have is: I have been approached by a serviced apartment company in London who has a particular interest in Manchester for a mix of 20 plus, 1 - 2 bedroom properties within the same development. Their wish is to take this on a ten year
  4. Airbnb is a cracking idea and provides great returns compared to long term rentals. Another good one, again dependent on location is http://www.fivenights.com/, if you do not wish for weekend visitors.
  5. Great idea... @Dreammove Andrew White Director andrew.white@dmrelocation.com | www.dreammoverelocation.com Tel: + 44 (0) 161 282 5558 Mob: +44 (0) 7513 282 421 Twitter: @DreamMove Facebook: Dream MoveRelocation YouTube: http://bit.ly/15xJm0t (Property examples)
  6. Great to hear about the Manchester Meet Up Rob. I have been listening to your weekly blogs and great to hear Manchester will be up and running come October.
  7. Hi Michael, Its two guys who organise it (Chris and Tom) and its probably best to drop him a text or give him a call. Its on Saturday mornings from 9ish near Cuppa Coffee in Salford Quays where you have a brew and talk all things property. Chris's number is 07703345632 and just tell him you know me. Its all free and more just about growing your network.
  8. Hi Michael, I presume you get a lot of property networking suggestions so feel free to disregard. Having said this, there is a great one on Saturday morning in Salford Quays. Its basically a group of property investors meet for a brew and a catch up over their week in property and investments they hve on the cards. Its informal with no costs and if you have a free morning you go and if you cant make it thats no problem either. Admittedly, i haven't been over the summer period myself but there is normally 8 - 10 good contacts there. Kind regards Andrew
  9. Hi Harjit, I used to work for a number of years for a serviced apartment company (Go Native) and in answer to your questions. 1) I would advise to do your research on this company and see some of their apartments they currently have on their books. As with anything there are good and bad serviced apartment operators. 2) The indemnity insurance is so the company do not have funds tied up which can be utilised for other investments. They do work so long as they are drafted properly and you have your input such as the the let is on a FRI tenancy for the set period agreed. 3) Im s
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