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  1. Hi – thanks for all your responses. Sorry, being slow to get back to you. I didn’t have notifications turned on and was pleasantly surprised to see all the replies! I have really enjoyed reading all the debate on this topic. It’s been great getting this range of perspective. My takeaways from reading this area: a) A diversified strategy i.e., property and S&S ISA (an index tracker) – seems like a solid option to building long term wealth. Especially with property in the mix as you can take advantage of debt. b) With property, if I want higher and faster returns = more
  2. Hi, I’m a new to property and considering my first BTL investment in 2021. My goal: I am looking at property as a means to generate £3000 per month post-tax income in 7 years’ time. I would like to get your feedback on my calculations and assumptions, as I am struggling to see a significant benefit of property vs keeping my money in an equity index tracker in an ISA (currently averaging 10% annual growth, tax free). I can see that if I just had the single property, then keeping my money in an equity index tracker in an ISA would provide a better return over a 25 year period.
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