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  1. House prices have rocketed up over the last few years due to demand so I would say yes and hope you get some nice tenants
  2. Yes it’s not as bad as people think! Wythenshawe has a bad reputation but it’s not nearly as bad as it used to be and house prices are always going up due because you have the airport, hospital and motorway on your doorstep.
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    My name is Abi I am 29 and I have inherited a 1 bed bungalow in Manchester. I’ve joined this community to get knowledge and advise on what I should do. I am going to renovate it myself to increase the value but I am stuck on how to start my property journey properly. Should I sell the bungalow and have potential to mortgage 2 houses or should I rent the bungalow and use the rent to save up for another property? Not sure how much the bungalow is worth yet (probably about 190 and the average 2 bed mid terrace is about 120). I’ve been looking at rent for bungalows and there is non in
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