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    BTL Mostly, Auction Purchases, Renovation and Flipping. 50% Income, 50% Investment for Growth (until I change my mind).

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  1. Hi All, I've progressed really well in my place of work, and after a recent meeting, my employer has asked if I would like to become a director (with the options to become a shareholder when I am ready in the future). They mentioned I could switch from normal salary to PAYE and dividends but I can't help but think this would change my property plans. I know the tax savings would be considerable - but for me, property is my dream and I don't want to deviate from my plan! My goal is to build a small portfolio of good quality BTL's so I can live comfortably, and have something to hand
  2. Hi All. I'm Steph, and extremely new to this whole property world. It's always been an passion of mine and I'm looking to learn more, educate myself, crunch the numbers and get ready to "pull the trigger" as Rob Dix puts in his book. I'm interested to know how everyone else got interested, and became a property investor. I've always had a weird obsession with property development, interior design, house auctions, all the home build/renovation TV programmes you can shake a stick at, including Grand Designs of course. I think it all started with my grandparents (who split) who the
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