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  1. I would appreciate that! I am new to this so would love your advice and guidance
  2. I found it. i know about lease options but needed help to apply the knowledge on the first deal.
  3. Hi Alexander! thanks for the response. No I haven't i only came across this site yesterday. I will though, which number podcast is it?
  4. Hello property family! I'm Sami and graduated from uni recently. I am starting off my property investor career and am stuck as i am having a hard time surrounding myself with people that are in property investment. I don't know where to start, how to get a team around me and the whole process of starting off. I need someone to guide me through my first property deal, whatever that may be. I am looking at Lease options as a strategy. I am based in Kent. If there is anyone here that can be my mentor and help me with this please let me know. I am so ready and have a lot of information but hav
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