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  1. Hey Julia thanks for the information and letting me know I appreciate it.
  2. Hey Julia, I am late to this thread I am keen to purchase a BTL in Nottingham I ideally want to buy in a nice area to attract a better tenant my budget is £100-£110k what areas would you recommend.
  3. Thanks mate, really appreciate it. Going to get on my bike and start buying
  4. Thanks I have checked I am able to use an ltd and agree on your points thank you
  5. Thanks for taking the time to offer support Giles I’ll take it all on board thank you
  6. Hey Dayman, thanks for your advice I really appreciate it, I have read the book it’s the best thing I did completely agree on the book vs courses I really appreciate you taking the time to offer guidance I will certainly take it on board thank you
  7. Thanks for reaching out, yes I have researched a lot and covered a lot of what you have said I think I need to take the step and buy soon, I will take on board some of your posts raised that I hadn’t thought of thank you👊🏻👊🏻
  8. Thanks I really appreciate it I will check the blog out as well thanks again 👊🏻
  9. On the ltd yes as due to my job I would benefit from buying via an ltd.
  10. Thanks for response, I will take on board everything you have said thanks 👊🏻
  11. Hi Nic thanks again, the prices locally are to high I live in North London, I will be supplementing the deposits from my job and using cash flow as well as it builds up over time. How mainly properties do you currently own and how has your journey been?
  12. Thanks Nic I live in North London so I am unable to buy locally so I am currently throughly researching area and speaking to other investors to try and get an idea for the areas as well as avoiding the bad areas and trying to buy in more desirable areas. Thanks for the tips.
  13. Hi guys I’m 22 years old and keen to kick start my properly journey this year. I want to build a BTL portfolio via an ltd, I have done loads of research but I’m struggling with areas, I am not sure if I am not trying to find the perfect property but I am getting really hung up on the areas and I am hesitant to buy if it is not the exact area people have told me to look at this is mainly as I want to attract a good tenant and benefit from capital gains and not just buy in and old part of the town or city, I recognise I need to buy and through that I will gain loads of valuable skills and e
  14. Nic I love your energy and view on things I am looking to purchase my first BTL this year and start my portfolio I’m excited and keen to start I had some viewings cancelled due to selling learned my lesson on not sitting around and getting out to view places quicker, I am looking at Crewe as an area to start my journey, do you mind me asking where you are currently investing and where you was due to complete on?
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