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  1. Hi Tom no I am looking at off plan new build developments / city centre apartments as the housing market seems over priced for the condition a lot of them are in
  2. Hi there, Can anyone recommend any good letting agents I can contact ahead of my viewings this up coming weekend to gage an idea of letting costs and get a feel for the current market?
  3. Hello everyone! I am due to view an off plan new build apartment, is there anything I need to lookout for whilst viewing the show apartment? Any questions in particular to ask the agent or anything to genuinely bare in mind? once letting an apartment / flat can anyone advise re the general letting out process. Does the tenant pay rent, bills and monthly service charges? And the ground rent or does the landlord pay the ground rent? Advice on all the above would be much appreciated.
  4. Hey Julia, Advice is much appreciated as always! Hope your keeping well, you have great advice let me know of any networking events your attending, love to pick your brain more!
  5. Hi all, I am looking to invest into my second BTL and feel Derby could be right what I am after! Andy advice on the good areas of derby for a budget of £150k aiming ideally at working couple, individuals or families. I want to avoid the "ruff" and less desirable parts of Derby, thanks! Advice really appreciated.
  6. Hi Stuart, going back over some old notes. I want to target Leeds again. where on the above list would you advise can offer capital growth, good for attracting working tenants, and has good transport and work links? kind regards Luke
  7. lukel

    Break clause

    Hi Everyone, thanks for the advice and tips!
  8. lukel

    Break clause

    Hi Vineet, not the case at all. My letting agency is super helpful and has been from day one, I have great tenant who has been a dream to deal with and someone I want to keep long term. Thanks for your response have a nice day.
  9. Hi all, my tenancy renewal is coming up when my tenant moved in we agreed a 6 month contract with a review two months before ether tenancy ends, I want to renew as does my tenant , my letting agent has advised if I have no plans in selling than a break clause is not needed, what would everyone recommend, I want to go for a 12 month contract, shall I include a break clause or not?
  10. Hi Julia and Kerry, Thank you both for your help and advice. After discussing further with my letting agent like you both also suggested, we agreed to allow the tenant to make some adjustments under the agreement that when they do leave ( hopefully not anyway time soon haha) that they leave the property how they found it so the works they carry out must be done in neutral colours and they accept if it is not left in an acceptable state then funds will be deducted from their deposit to correct any of the works. Also the wall plugs were from hanging up old photo frames so needed to be pulled out and potentially fillerd (again guidance on the decorating was explained before allowing the tenant to proceed) But yes happy to have had this query as I feel like mentioned you mentioned it is a good sign and will lead to a long term tenancy! Thank you both for your help and advice, sorry for only responding now my apologies!
  11. Hi guys, my letting agent has just been in touch to let me know my tenant has asked if they can make some minor adjustments such a removing some walls plugs, removing wall paper and painting. legally should I put any terms in place and what’s everyone thoughts on this? I think it may be a good idea but as this is my first buy to let I am open to advice. Thanks, Luke.
  12. Thanks Kerry, I appreciate it.
  13. Thanks Julia and I am right I thinking that is separate to the rent? As in the tenant pays the rent as well as the bills? I am going to double check that is the case with my lettings agent tomorrow but thought I would ask if that is how you also do it?
  14. Hi everyone, I have just completed on my first BTL it is a single let, am I right in thinking that my tenant will be responsible for paying for the council tax, water, gas and electric. I am going to double check on Monday morning with my letting agent to make sure it is listed in the agreement. But I just wanted to double check that it was the case as most of my research seemed to suggest it was. thanks in advance.
  15. Hi guys the estate agent hadn’t updated the memo of sale and the seller had opted to change solicitors, the agent said it wasn’t their fault I wasn’t fussed who’s fault it was I just happy it was sorted, nearly a month turn around from receiving the details, and I have now had the completion pack back, the searches submitted and all enquires responded to and all responses have now been satisfied by my solicitor so very happy with how it’s all turned out, exchange and completion is now imminent!
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