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  1. Hi guys the estate agent hadn’t updated the memo of sale and the seller had opted to change solicitors, the agent said it wasn’t their fault I wasn’t fussed who’s fault it was I just happy it was sorted, nearly a month turn around from receiving the details, and I have now had the completion pack back, the searches submitted and all enquires responded to and all responses have now been satisfied by my solicitor so very happy with how it’s all turned out, exchange and completion is now imminent!
  2. Hi guys, whilst I am waiting for answer from my accountant, I am buying my buy to let via an ltd, I am VAT registered and will plan to claim back on all VAT payments I make for services, however I wanted to know do I have to pay VAT for the rent I receive? I will be be paying my letting agent % per month + 20% VAT is this the same or separate to making a VAT payment for the rent I receive? Any advice or guidance would be much appreciated!
  3. Hi everyone, wondering if anyone can provide me some tips with how to deal with waiting on my sellers solicitor? I had my offer accepted and received the memo of sale 4 weeks ago. My solicitor is awaiting the contract pack to allow us to start searches. I have secured my mortage therefore the only thing currently holding me up is the contract pack the seller has had her own offer accepted therefore my agent tells me it’s all okay and nothing to worry about however due to my last deal falling through 3 days before compaction due to a break in the chain I am naturally a little par
  4. Hi Barry thanks for your replying and information sounds good, good luck with it all.
  5. Hi Barry, thanks for the message, back on the saddle (right move) I go. I was due to complete this Friday my funds had been drawn down so I had a £600 broker fee £435 lenders valuation £2k solicitor fees and £360 independent solicitor fee (buying in ltd), first for all parties involved the seller equally had paid out on all fees but due to the whole chain breaking down not much can be done. would you mind me asking where your properties are and what is your preferred method of buying for example BRR or standard BTL, or flips?
  6. Does any one have any advice or has been in my situation? I was due to complete on a property this Friday the seller has had his purchase fall through and therefore he cannot sell to me now. I have spent over £3k on fees which I cannot get back would have been my first BTL (a standard BTL). Three months of back and forth with brokers solicitors and everything else. To fall at the last hurdle heartbreaking to say the very least. Advice would be appreciated.
  7. Hi Mark sorry for the late response I am referring to both, what insurance will I need for my Ltd and then what type will I need for the properties I am buying
  8. If possible can someone kindly advise on what insurances you need for an ltd that’s set up purely for buy to let’s. Thank you.
  9. Thanks Derek sounds good. Would you also be able to advise on insurance companies?
  10. Sounds good thanks for letting me know Derek, how you doing there approach to providing you with tenants and if there has been any issues how have they reacted?
  11. Hi there this message is mainly aimed at investors who currently own investments in crewe and let them out. Does anyone recommend any good letting agents in crewe?
  12. Hi guys me again, first time buying and via an ltd to I have about a million questions, does any know what Insurances I will need for my ltd? It is purely to buy and let out property? I take it I’ll will need landlord Insurance? Any help would be appreciated.
  13. Hi Giles I didn’t go to Doncaster. I am buying close to Manchester and £125k.
  14. David I have gone with LLP they seem really good thanks l.
  15. Thanks for info Dave I will speak with my broker, I’ve done some digging on the ones my broker recommended and they seem to be good. Thanks again.
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