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  1. If possible can someone kindly advise on what insurances you need for an ltd that’s set up purely for buy to let’s. Thank you.
  2. Thanks Derek sounds good. Would you also be able to advise on insurance companies?
  3. Sounds good thanks for letting me know Derek, how you doing there approach to providing you with tenants and if there has been any issues how have they reacted?
  4. Hi there this message is mainly aimed at investors who currently own investments in crewe and let them out. Does anyone recommend any good letting agents in crewe?
  5. Hi guys me again, first time buying and via an ltd to I have about a million questions, does any know what Insurances I will need for my ltd? It is purely to buy and let out property? I take it I’ll will need landlord Insurance? Any help would be appreciated.
  6. Hi Giles I didn’t go to Doncaster. I am buying close to Manchester and £125k.
  7. David I have gone with LLP they seem really good thanks l.
  8. Thanks for info Dave I will speak with my broker, I’ve done some digging on the ones my broker recommended and they seem to be good. Thanks again.
  9. Hi guys I have had an offer accepted, I have been given a quote from a solicitor but keen to see if anyone has any good ones they recommend, before I proceed. Also the estate agent suggested dealing with a local one I am guessing she gets a fee if I do but other than that are there any real benefits to it? Appreciate any advice or tips on this.
  10. Hi guys for anyone who is still up for sharing some words of wisdom. what would you say is too low for cashflow once bills are paid per month?
  11. Good points appreciate it I will do some digging.
  12. Hi there is anyone able to invite me or share any Crewe property chats or forums I am looking to complete on a purchase in the area and feel I would benefit from networking with other investors who also invest there. Thanks Luke.
  13. Evening Barry, thank you for your message I will note your points, however being based in North London and I’m remotely investing therefore I am unable to get down to the property as much so leaving it with a letting agent to look after right now suits me as time passes and my portfolio grows and have more time I will aim to self manage just right now I will be continuing to work to fund future investments. Your points are valid and I will keep it all in mind. Thanks Barry.
  14. Thanks for coming back to me and yes they have quoted rent insurance as one of the additional services, I am trying to work out what the main services are I should pay for.
  15. Sorry meant loads of extra services I can pay for if I decide to opt in for them.
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