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  1. Hello, Would anyone recommend or discourage Ramsey and white as a property Finance option? www.ramseyandwhite.com Thanks Alex
  2. So i just wanted to get my thoughts out there and get others view on this. I have read Rich Dad Poor Dad and found it was a great eye opener and simplifies a lot when it comes to finance. I have thought a lot about the term in that book of "owning a house is a liability" and i know that the two Robs have challenged this idea on one of their pod casts and have seen people asking this time and again. I am also sure a lot of people are in the same boat as me and have a similar worry/concern. I rent a 3 bedroom house and pay £795 per month but I want to start my property investment/trading business but also buy/live in my own home. But, I only have enough capitol currently for one house. So i have thought long and hard on this and came to the conclusion that buying a house to live in isn't necessary a liability as mentioned in the book. And here is my thoughts why; as it will enable me to pocket almost £600 per month saving on my rent, so from my view point is, this is a profit per month and thus an asset versus a liability as it increases my cash flow. But am i wrong? Whats others thoughts on this? Thanks Alex
  3. Here is a link to the relevant podcast https://propertyhub.net/podcast/remote-investing-what-you-need-to-know/ Thanks
  4. Hello, Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere; (this is a simplistic scenario) If i bought a house say for £100k and sold for £150k , am i right in thinking a CGT of 19% would need to be paid on the £50k profit? Am i wrong to think that CGT is only paid out on any profits at the end of the financial year? So if i were to re-invest/pay out this £50k on another house/investment then there are no profits to pay the 19% out on? Or do you have to pay it regardless if you have made an overall profit at the end of the year or not? Thanks Alex
  5. Hello, Thanks for your reply, i am listening through the website mainly but have listened through you tube and the android podcasts app. Thanks Alex
  6. Hello, Sorry if its been asked before. is there a navigation button/s on the podcast section so i can go to the first one without having to click on the "see all podcast" button over and over again. and then repeat once i have listened to the first one for the second etc. Or even a way to search for Episode 1 in the search bar and so on and so forth? or even a next podcast link once you have listened to one and want to listen to the next one in the series Thanks in advance Alex
  7. There is a podcast that is dedicated to remote development. Cant find it but search for it.
  8. Ask yourself "What would Rich Dad say" - How could you make it work? not if it could work. Factor in your time, associated costs such as travel/food/accommodation (if any) and any further finance associated fees and if it still stacks up then i say go for it. also look at seeing if a contractor works out cheaper to do it all for you when you have factored in the above. Alex
  9. 12 at once... thats a nice position to be in to start with, but yes sounds like a hefty project Alex
  10. Right next to the Jordan Norths happy place? Lol Yes I look at properties and then look at what could I do to maximise the return. Theres a house near me going for £125k but would offer closer to £110k to reflect what I would need to do etc, needs a bit of work just modernising not alot probs £8k, but other houses in the area are £155k+ but parking is poor, but there is a V.Strong demand for HMO in the area due to a large employer of foreign nationals. And they like to bring their whole familes over to work at same place and share a house. Would be a decent ROI of 15% on money in. With a monthly profit of £600 But I dont have the funds as of yet, (waiting for a divorce to finalise)
  11. So what's the general consensus then? To look at another strategy?
  12. My initial thoughts around stratagy is to flip a few houses to build capital enough to not rely on bridge finance and for that eat into my bottom line. Although gains can be made including it into my calculations based on 6 months to buy, renovate and sell, it could potentially give an extra gain of £5k or more. Long term I want to be able to b2r roughly 1 house per year (bearing the 18 year cycle in mind) with a goal of myself and partner receiving an income that keeps us under the lower tax bracket. And then to bring our children into the fold and repeat the above for them. I hope that's sounds realistic and not just me being fanciful.
  13. Hello, stumbled upon the podcast about a month ago and have been busy soaking up all the advice and tips ever since. So thank you to all involved with that. Funny enough bought Robs book about 6 months ago and just got around to reading that too. Great advice and tips that linked in with the podcast very well. So thank you again. Read the rich man poor man book and it just clicked in my head like a lightbulb going off straight away so simple and yet effective. In the process of jotting down my goals and dreamline of becoming financially independent and leaving a lasting legacy to my children and family. Would love to hear from any like minded people in the area. Or outside of it. I am spreadsheet obsessed from my day job building accounts spreadsheets and a keen DIY person. Thanks Alex
  14. If it makes the house price £6k cheaper then it would be a benifit no? As in a house that normally costs £41k is now £35k plus £6k fees And thus removes the 3% land tax so then would make it overall cheaper but just lines the agents pockest instead?
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