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    West Midlands
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    Midlands and Cornwall
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    Dabbled in property over the last 15 years or so. I own a couple of buy to lets and a Furnished Holiday let. Also I've done a few flips over the years as a way of growing capital.
  • Property investment interests
    Buy to lets and Furnished Holiday lets.
  • My skills
    Just some general experience gained by being fairly hands on. On 2 of the flips I did much of the physical work personally.
  • My goals
    I want to create a solid income stream to replace my existing salary. I also want to do some future proofing with inheritance tax planning for the family (pass assets in the most effective way). I'd like some of the surplus income to invest in a whole range of business start ups.
  • Interests outside property
    The things I love. My family, helping younger leaders develop, coaching and travel.
  1. Thanks for the responses Mark and Colenago. We're not looking to employ our kids in the company. Just have them draw down dividends in the future. The initial advice I had re first time buyer breaks on Stamp Duty is that they would still be eligible (if my wife and I were the directors and they were the shareholders). I guess I'll need to look into that in some more detail. Appreciate the look to buying through a company. Had a good look at the info.
  2. Does anyone have experience on forming a Limited company (SPV) with family (with an eye to reducing future IHT?). My wife and I plan on purchasing 4-6 buy to lets in the next 2 years. We want to form the company with our 2 adult children as shareholders or even directors.
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