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  1. UK legislation does not provide for restrictions on the purchase of real estate in the ownership of residents of other countries. The purchase price is the same for the citizens of the country as well as for foreigners. Real estate in the country can be purchased for free ownership or long-term lease. Freehold means that both the land and all buildings located on it are owned by the owner. In a long-term lease, ownership only extends to the buildings, and the land is transferred from the owner to a new buyer for lease for a long period - from one year to 999 years. When buying, you should know
  2. The acquisition of two objects will be much more profitable from an economic point of view. It all depends on whether you're willing to take the risk. In addition, if these objects are located nearby, then it will be much easier for you to look after them. For example, you can buy two apartments in a complex project that will be located in the same building. From an economic point of view, two apartments of 100(for example) square meters each will bring in much more money than one apartment of 200 square meters. To make sure of this, you can check the websites of landlords.
  3. It depends, as the comment above said, some causes can be ignored while others it's better not to touch.
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