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  1. Thanks for the advice Stuart, that's the sort of reassurance we were hoping for. I hadn't considered the fact you might be considered an expat even when abroad for a relatively short space of time, so this is a useful heads up and we'll be sure to bare it in mind.
  2. Hi Sam, In response to your original post. I took a look at your spreadsheet and I think you might have made an error with your 'amount available to extract'. If we take year 8 as an example, the property has increased from 80k to 120k. So you now own an additional 40k of capital. Adding this to the 20k deposit, you own 60k and owe the bank 60k. The minimum deposit for a 120k house at 75% LTV is 30k, so you are able to refinance and extract 30k. Plus the 17k accumulated income, leaves you with 57k total. On the other hand, you've also started with 2k rent on day zero (or zero capital
  3. Hello. I'm a 24 year old professional, working and living in London, and this is my first post! I've been fairly obsessed with property and the property hub for the last few years, so a huge thanks to the community for all the great content. I am looking for advice on residential mortgages. Specifically, what happens if 3 years in, I want to go and live abroad for a year? I've heard of the ability to convert to BTL, but as far as I can tell this would still require me to own at least 20-30% of the property. I've also heard of asking a mortgage provider for the permission to let, but only
  4. If you are talking about LTHW underfloor heating, and environmental performance is your main goal, you could also consider an air source heat pump. Always better to reduce consumption before offsetting. You may also benefit from the renewable heat incentive, making it more financially viable. Also check if your utility company generates their renewable electricity or if it just buys the certificates. By choosing the right company you are increasing demand for renewable capacity, rather than certificates. Assuming your building is already well insulated and air tight, ASHP's pair well
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