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  1. That was my original plan - find a few properties in each location and spend a night in each city. Get a vibe of each area that I’m interested in and visit local estate agents. I’ll look into this approach and certainly let you know where I decide to invest in! Thanks again for your contribution!
  2. I’m mainly drawn to Leeds and Liverpool as I’ve read about large scale regeneration in both cities, however, I haven’t spent much time in either cities. I used to live in Nottingham for a few years so know the area relatively well.
  3. Hi guys, this is my first post! I’m in the process of purchasing my first BTL property (currently waiting for a DIP from the lender) and I’m looking at Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester and Nottingham. I've done some research on each city and have started looking at properties in each of these areas. All of them seem to have potentially good investments that match my criteria (2-3 bedroom terraced house with a strong rental yield and around £100k) but I'm feeling overwhelmed with all the available properties out there. I can’t decide on where I want to focus more of my research on so if anyone has
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