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  1. Hi, I'm currently in the process of setting up up my rent2rent business, specifically HMO management. I have recently come across a few deals in manchester. All are 6 bedroom 3 story properties. After doing the dudilligance, I calculated that they all generate a cash flow of atleast £3000 and a profit of no less than £600. Unfortunately I do not have significant funds to pay for the set up costs. As a result am looking for a joint venture partner. Please get in touch if you are interested
  2. If you search up HMO regulations and license on you council's website it should tell you. Depends on a few different factors. Do they all share amenities such as bathroom, kitchen, communal areas? In my area, a Class 3 single dwelling house is a property that accommodates a single household or 2 unrelated tenants. 3 or more unrelated tenants in one property, sharing amenities has a different use and come under Class C4 (small HMO). For this you wouldn't need to get planning permission or permitted development but you would have to follow all regulations and laws of a HMO for it to be deemed su
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