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  1. Would anyone be willing to share their buy to let spreadsheet they use to ensure all considerations are covered when stacking the numbers. Thanks
  2. It’s a new strategy that I hadn’t looked into before. I don’t think I could work for me as time poor. 1 or 2 may be ok but couldn’t scale and would need to earn a good cash flow, as no capital growth. Always interested in new strategies.
  3. Does anybody have a stress test format that they would be willing to send for any of these strategies below. Would be very useful for everyone on the forum to have a look at what is contained in other strategy stress tests. Buy renovate refinance Buy renovate sell Buy to let Buy to service accommodation Buy to let supported living Rent to Rent Rent to Service accommodation
  4. Rent to rent and rent to service accommodation....thoughts?
  5. Who has or is using Clubhouse to network with other property investors?
  6. Evening all, I am looking for someone with app building / website building experience or knowledge. Appreciate any sign posts.
  7. Come on then whizz kids, how is it done!? I can use excel pretty well but really want to learn how to make the most of the toolkit. I can look up how to videos etc for areas I know I want to learn. But is there anything anyone would recommend that teaches excel well? Im sure there’s plenty I don’t even know exists that can be done with excel. Thanks all
  8. Good Morning All, I would like to build local contacts and expand my network around Herefordshire. Initially first investments will likely be local to where I live so having the ability to meet other investors with ease would be fantastic. Although the new modern world allows video calling at ease, nothing beats face to face. I have worked in the construction industry from site management to site inspector for some years now since leaving the military and can hopefully offer some advice on property that requires refurbishment. Would happily offer my time to those with investment expe
  9. There is a property I have had my eye on for some time that is not for sale but is clearly not lived in. Does anyone have experience in trying to buy a property like this? I have the names of the owners through Land Registry title register but their registered address is that of the property. What next?
  10. Your right, its only useful if used. If there were ways of introducing KPIs of some sort into the trackers and like you say highlight the proactiveness and quality of conveyancers, consumers can then make a more educated judgment of who to use. Maybe when a conveyancer puts together the tracker of what is required they can attach expected completion dates to each task, then once complete the actual date is added then providing a score of how they have kept to the agreed timescales. The common issue I hear is poor conveyancers / solicitors are too reactive, slow and don't provide en
  11. I am looking to begin my BTL portfolio next year and have decided to do it with my dad as he already has BTL, so increase lieklyhood to get onto the BTL ladder. Is it possible to buy into his BTL and become equal owner of the property with him? Is this something I need to discuse with my mortgage brooker? I presume when he remortgages that property, I can step in with half the deposit and become equal owner? Or is it not as simple as that?
  12. I’m sure this forum has enough skillset to get together and make this happen. I know I would happily invest and be part of it. I have only been through the process 3 times and already pulling my hair out (what’s left of it) Briefly looking online there are conveyances that use trackers but look to be their own, rather than a industry leading standard.
  13. Thanks for the advice @EvolutionBlogger My initial goals/ ambitions are probably high and still in their early stages so I’m sure they will adjust. I agree, getting the first one is a huge huge step and one not to underplay, so all my focus is on #1
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