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  1. Thank for your answer! After having had a look, I am now focusing on Barking area as it is not far from where I currently live and I have seen it changing within a few years. It seems to have a lot of regeneration going on, a lot of money injected in.
  2. What do you guys think of Barking area. It is currently undergoing a big regeneration. Quite good connections as well to get to central London. Do you think there is room for growth?
  3. Hi, I am interested in a top floor flat for a buy to let investment. The freeholder had a planning permission to add an additional floor to the building (above the flat I am looking at). I have never been in this type of situation and I am wondering how this happens, whether this means that the flats below the extension (the flat I am looking at for instance) won't be habitable during this period, also what risks this can create? (water damages, noise,...). And in terms of prices and attractiveness for letting would it be affected? I am a bit worried as it is my first buy to let
  4. Hi, I've viewed this very interesting flat ticks most of the boxes (location, price, lease...). It would be for a buy to let investment. It is a top floor flat and I noticed a patch (check the two pictures attached) in the living room ceiling next to the windows. Asked the agent and he didn't know. Told me it was probably condensation (the heater is far from the window so could be a reason). Also same sort of "patch" on the bathroom wall opposite the bathtub, nothing on the ceiling (which I find quite strange). When I asked, the agent also answered condensation (there is no heating in
  5. Hi, I am a 30 yo Londoner and have been listening to the podcast and watching several videos on here. It is great content. I am starting my journey into property and would like to start investing in Buy to Let. I am thinking of investing £50K this year however still doing my research and would be keen on having some advice. I have watched the property hotspots video, however since I don't really know these cities (never been to Nottingham, only been to Manchester and Liverpool once), I am still not sure about whether to invest there or stay somewhere close to where I am currently living
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