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  1. Your blog is a brilliant idea. I was always admiring the blogs on the internet because most of them are free and share useful information like movavi video/photo editing blog (movavi.io/how-to-trim-video-in-vlc-en/), seo blog (https://moz.com/blog), news blog (https://www.huffpost.com/) So no questions. Just thank you! 😀
  2. Hello, pro photographer and photography tutor. I hope you are having a great time on this forum. I was wondering (since you’re the only one from this entire forum who is a professional in this field) if you have also knowledge in videography. I used to record and edit videos as a hobby with https://www.movavi.com/suite/. Now I want something more complicated and am thinking about Adobe Premiere pro. Or maybe there is another “stage I should complete” I mean app?
  3. Hi Veronica, I am a newbie) So I just wish you good luck and hope we will all succeed.
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