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    Background in Personal Tax specialising in property taxes, capital gains and property portfolios tax.
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    Terrace. HMO. Conversions. Flips.
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    Property Taxes. CGT. BTL Taxes.
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  1. Hi, I am an accountant with knowledge of property and income taxes. Please feel free to ask any questions you have.
  2. An option worth thinking about is possibly selling 1 property and using the funds from the sale to put deposits on 2/3 properties. This will in turn increase the portfolio. this is just my opinion. You should take advice from a property tax accountant and/or mortgage broker for professional advice.
  3. Capital Gains Tax is payable on the profits made on the disposal of the property. Purchase Price less Sales Price = Gain As the property is joiny the gain will be divided in half You will both get a CGT allowance of £12,300 each. This will be deducted from the gains and the balance will be taxed at either 18% or 28% if it is a residential property if the property is commercial then you will be taxed at 10% or 20%. The % is based on whether you are basic rate or higher rate.
  4. Best advice would be to start out with a smaller/cheaper house. You will find a two bed terrace house is the best place to start. A joint venture will meam half the risk but also half the rewards Any profits generated from the property will increase your interest overall income which will in turn help you get a mortgage on your personal residence.
  5. Hi Veronica, I am an accountant mainly dealing with personal tax (BTL & property porfolios). Willing to offer any advice if needed.
  6. Im an accountant who deals with a lot of individuals who are investing in BTL and those who have a property portfolio. Dealing with the tax compliance and advice. If anyone would like any advice please do not hesitate to contact me.
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