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  1. Hi All I wondered if anyone knew where I can download (or even better, send me) a simple excel spreadsheet template for BTLs that includes allowable revenue costs/expenses & rental income which is easy to use and keep track of throughout the tax year and issue to HMRC as back up to tax returns. Or if there are any apps or online tools (I may have missed in the resources given on the weekly podcast). At this stage I only have 3 BTLs and currently use a spreadsheet I made up myself. Thanks in advance Thanks Gary
  2. Welcome to the PH Forum Oskar. You are in the right place to connect with like minded people! Not knowing your budget, goals, experience etc. would be hard to offer too much advice at this stage, however if you live in Manchester you should get along to any of the property meet-ups in the areas you mention. Good Luck!
  3. Ok will take a look - thanks for the quick response Derek...
  4. Hi All - some help please with rental demand research. Obviously rightmove shows when rental properties were added to the portal but are there tools / websites which shows how long it takes rental properties to let on average in different postcodes? Or any other recommendations when researching an unfamiliar location for rental demand? Apologies if this is covered in previous threads etc. and there is a simple answer. Thanks in advance Gary D
  5. Looking for recommendations for a local structural engineer and a Builder for a refurb project in Margate (seafront) - Property info - 100 sqm apartment over 3 floors, Building is circa 200 years, sitting above a ground floor commercial unit. Currently a weather tight shell with no internal walls, plumbing or electrics, see photos. Services Required: Structural Engineer - Assist with building work in terms of material specification and scope of work such as infilling of voids on upper floors / supporting beams etc General Builder To provide quotation to complete ALL works Any advice welcome Thanks in advance
  6. Hi All I have been living in the Northern part of the Netherlands for a couple of years now so have been unable to attend any meet-ups in the UK! I am moving to Amsterdam next month and figured there is more of a chance of Property Hubbers residing there who may want to start a PH meet up. Any takers? Worth a try. Cheers Gary D
  7. Patrick I was in the same situation this time last year. There is a risk because once you are in contract you have an obligation to pay the 68k. You have to look forward and be sure you will be in a financially secure position 6months before completion ie if not cash, a full time job and good credit to enable a mortgage. Also maybe look at the absolute worst case scenario - if it came to it could you re-mortgage your existing home etc. There is probably more detailed advice from long term property investors but these are the key things I looked at. Have just had a mortgage offer finalised so worked for me.
  8. I bought a new build off plan last month in Lewisham which is my first BTL - due for completion in Q2 2016 (although also letting a 2 bed flat I own now I work abroad most of the time). I am also keen to look at investing in the North of England early next year - trying to research the best cities to go for for the best yields etc. (have an appointment set up in January with a certain property search company for BMV properties as a kick start =)) Any pointers? Are you planning on self managing ? Cheers
  9. Hi Thomas Have an interest in BTL in SE London too. If you don't mind me asking where is your property? Are you getting a good yield? Interesting in off plan in Lewisham. Cheers
  10. Hi - I am fairly new to the hub and absorbing as much knowledge and experience as I can and looking at investing in BTLs long term. I am about to pull the trigger with a JV with my Dad in SE London. I own a flat in SE London which I am renting out as work away in Netherlands (come back maybe once every 4 - 6 week). We have 100-120k for a deposit and looking at a new build off plan for 425k. Rental achievable is 1600 a month - 4.5%. After expenses = net yield of 0.7% and ROI = 2.5%. The area in SE London (Lewisham) I know well and has great connections and into central London and know will always have strong rental income. We have considered buying further out but ROI doesn't seem much higher, we both don't have much free time so have set our target in this area as we know it and capital appreciation over 10-15 years will be good (even if market dips or plateaus). I have had 'analysis paralysis' for some time now and wanted some feedback from investors a lot more experienced than me - so any advice would be appreciated? Thanks Gary
  11. Hi SE London crew!! I have a 2 bed flat I am no renting as work abroad in the Netherlands (come back to London every 4-6weeks) I am looking for a JV BTL investment with my Dad we have 120k between us. Initially looking at new builds in Catford and Lewisham, I know prices in these areas have shot up already but think it is still a good place to invest in BTL as the connections are so good into central London, DLR to Canary Wharf etc. We are also looking further out of town in Kent - as far out as Orpington. Would be good to get some feedback and advice from anyone? Also did a SE London meet up materialise? Would be good to meet up with anyone whop is interested in exchanging ideas / knowledge etc. etc. Cheers Gary
  12. Developing 2 properties at the same time! Good Luck Stevie.
  13. Sorry to jump on this post. Not sure how (if) it is possible to contact people direct from the forum? I am also new to the forum and keen to reach out to as many people to gain further knowledge on property investment. Loving everything on this website / podcasts so far! The Dr. seems to be all over it Eyeedul - I would be interested in considering your services as I currently work abroad alot (Netherlands) and also have an opportunity to move to Dubai in a years time and extremely keen in continuing property investment in the UK whilst working there. Also currently looking at buying a BTL property in south East London. Not sure how I can contact you directly? My email is ***** if you want to get in touch. Thanks Gary
  14. Hi Guys Thanks for the useful responses. Apologies for belated reply. I do believe there is still capital growth to be had in South East albeit not at the same rate as previous years since 2012 and have factored in the slowing market. We plan to keep the property for 15 years as a minimum. I also believe with the current regeneration in the area (200m) including improvements to transport connections into central London (10mins to London Bridge) and DLR to Canary Wharf etc. the rental market will always be strong even if house prices slow. Having researched the rental income achievable in the area our forecasted cash flow will allow us to put money aside for voids - we also both have a contingency pot and ideas to mitigate the future proposed change in legislation re. tax relief on BTL mortgage interest. Investing in this area isn't set in stone however and happy to look at different areas for the best investment for our situation. I plan to do only one joint investment with my Dad and go alone in the future looking at different areas to spread risk (Just a note - my Dad has 1 BTL in Kent and 1 holiday let in Spain). If we get this one under our belt in the next few months I hope to be in a position to buy another smaller BTL within the next 12 months. I am also now letting a room out in my current 2 bed flat in the same area, as I work abroad alot. Because of this I am fortunate to be able to save a fair chunk every month and have a small amount of inheritance coming my way next year. Dr K - I know you invest in Greater London so would be good to bounce off ideas of different ares? As I work abroad alot I can't view properties and areas as much as I want so have to stick with desktop research. Another reason why I am looking at south East is because I know the area. For this reason (my Dad works full time and isn't as young as he used to be) I have also looked at professional property search services to do research for best deals on our behalf but need to be sure this will be of value before paying out more cash! Not sure if anyone thinks this is a good idea? I appreciate the amount of education and research needed to make intelligent property investments and am really enjoying it so far and hope this can be the start of something good with a goal of leaving full time work and focusing on a property portfolio. Thanks for reading. Gary
  15. Hello All Have just joined and so impressed with amount of resources on this site and excited about property investment long term after reading Rich Dad Poor Dad and listening to the last 10 Property Hub Podcasts. So I currently have a residential mortgage on a 2 bed flat in Ladywell, South-East London. I am looking to invest in a new build BTL 2 bed flat in Lewisham, New Cross or surrounding area in the next few months as I am familiar with it and know it has great transport links and is being heavily developed, confident it will be good for rentals for young professionals / young family's. It is a 50/50 investment with my Dad and we have 120k between us to invest in - looking at 400-425k flats. Does anyone have any advice on other areas in the vicinity or think a bad move? Or any comments on my plan? I am hoping to get more and more BTLs under my belt (on my own) in the next few years. We are targeting capital growth over the long term and not necessarily cashflow for this investment. I am pleased to have found this site! Gary D
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