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  1. Hi

    I did some marketing of a rental on GumTree and was approached by 2 separate parties asking if I was interested in Company Rental. Rent to rent model I guess. Has anyone got experience (good or bad) from this?


    Would you consider for a company let ? We offer rent and deposit upfront and free maintenance included during the minimum of 12 months contract .

    would you be interested in letting your property as a company let for 3 years? The company will pay full rent and all bills, and let it to local working professionals on a weekly to monthly basis . The property would be cleaned 2 times per week, and all low maintenance issues taken care of.

  2. Hi All,

    What method do you use to calculate the margin on a flip when deciding whether or not to proceed?

    I've had a look around and seems like the standard method is take the sale price and take a percentage of that, so for example on a £400k sale if my target margin is 20% then I need to be buying and refurbing the property for £320k. In today's market this seems impossible. Even a 10% margin seems highly unlikely.

    Thoughts/advice much appreciated

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