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  1. Hi To my knowledge Mortgage lenders aren't interested in this, BTL lender wont lend due to condition if they don't think lettable from day one. So b ridge or a bridge to let product is the way forward on this one. My broker James Oakley at CLS Money did a bridge to let for me, but i had the funds to complete the work then refinanced to recoup.
  2. Hi, I spoke to my Broker at the weekend and mentioned this post, he has several lenders who will only want the directors on the application due to the low share holding of the share holders. this would simplify the transaction for you.
  3. Hi I believe i have seen minimums for as low as 40-45k, i know many of them raised minimums a while ago. I have a broker james oakley at CLS Money 01268931611. He sorts all mine for me .
  4. Hi. That's right i have one with my lender however i had to shop around as many will want a single tenancy agreement or limit to 3 beds.
  5. Hi If your considering this then the 1st point of call would be to contact your lender to see if they can offer a further advance, most will allow this up to their maximum LTV, this would reduce any costs associated to ERC's etc. If your with Virgin they only offer 2nd charges, unfortunately I am.. 😊
  6. Hi I use a BTL specialist broker, James Oakley at CLS Money. he specialises in SPV's and trading ltd companies. This wouldn't be a problem for him. 01268 931611. If you let him know Harry Oliver suggest you contact him i'm sure he'll look after you. Email is james.oakley@clsmoney.com
  7. Hi I would try my broker, he specialises in BTL only, hes quick and has loads of BTL knowledge from basic to corporate level. James Oakley 01268931611 CLS Money.
  8. Hi If your looking for the financial advice to secure a mortgage then my broker James Oakley at CLS Money can help you. If your a FTL then you may find the HMO route limited until you have 12 months experience behind you
  9. Hi James. I would go striaght to a qualifed accountant specialising in property and income tax. My broker James Oakley at CLS Money, put me on to Peter at UK Property Accountants 02071297588 If you mention James Oakley at CLS he'll look after you.
  10. Hi Rich I have used a property specialist broker by the name of James Oakley before, he only deals in BTL cases. He works at a company called CLS Money. 01268931611
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