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  1. Hi David. Nice to meet you! I am also a new member with properties across East Sussex since 2013 trying to expand my BTL portfolio and learn more. Do you have properties across UK or do you focus in an specific area? Have a good one Vinny
  2. Hello fellow property lovers! I hope you are doing well. A bit about me. I live in East Sussex. I have been involved in the property field since 2008. I bought my first property in the UK back in 2013. Since then, my wife and I managed to sell one and buy 2 other properties across the same area. We always did some cosmetic works ourselves as most of landlords I suppose, used equity to invest in other properties etc etc. I left the IT/AV company I worked for over 13 years last year and I am now considering working as a property searcher and turn my passion into a profession and (hope
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