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  1. Im even more astonished now to received a letter from Halifax saying they are closing my current account. Its obviously linked but i dont know why they would do this without giving a reason. Ive been a customer with Halifax for over 20 years.
  2. Cheers, to make things worse, Hlaifax are now closing my current account. Something doesnt seem right here. The two banks are linked via HBOS. Starling it is!
  3. Thanks for the recommendation. Let me have a look at Starling.
  4. Good Morning All, I was astonished to receive a letter from Lloyds to say that after a review they are closing my business account. I have been trading for 6 months and have maintained positive cash flow and after a long winded phone call, they were unable to give me a valid reason why they are closing my account other than i did not meet the criteria. Well, if i didn't met the criteria, then why give me a bank account in the first place. How are people in the UK expected to progress in their life's when the big banks knocks everyone back and trys to suppress our ambitions. I
  5. thanks for clarify this for me debbie.
  6. Hello, is the new rule for personal tax that you are not allowed to deduct the mortgage interest or the total mortgage repayment. i see some articles mentioning 'mortgage interest' which may imply that if you have a repayment mortgage then you are only allow to offset the interest amount. or is it that you can not offset any mortgage payment as costs?? Cheers
  7. Hi Paul, hope your well. I came across your post and was wondering how you are getting on. im based in HK and liked your idea about student property.

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