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  1. Thanks for your post. I can't imagine how you can do it with 2 kids, that's just beyond me. I've looked into properties for refurbishment which I could easily do up myself but I just won't have enough time and having recovered from my divorce I wouldn't like to explore dark sides of my mental phenomenon again 😀 due to stress and never ending schedule of urgent things. I also considered buying a fairly new 3 bed house in my area, around 230k, could easily get 60 LTV 5 year fixed mortgage just 1.19%, it's a very safe approach and the house would probably be paid off within 5 years but in terms of investment money won't work hard! When you mentioned someone in the hmo market, do you mean private investors looking to finance refurbs and conversions? How does one go about finding these people, social media, forums? Regards, Simon
  2. Hi, I haven't thought about it but look into it. Do you mean investors in property? I will most likely get a mortgage for a small flat first just to stop renting, then I also consider getting another property buy to let. Thanks Simon
  3. That's true, I had a conversation with my bank about it and it's quite complicated when it comes to a residential mortgage which is actually illegal.
  4. Hello, Im new here, I'm Simon, saying hello to everyone :). I've managed to put aside 110k, I'm after divorce and currently rent a flat. I'd like to get into property business and was thinking of getting a 5 bed house and renting 4 rooms, living in 1. I'm single now and can go any direction, the only thing that restricts me is my work and long hrs, sometimes 90/week. Is this 5 bed house idea a good one? Is there anything else you'd advise? Kind regards, Simon
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