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  1. I'm from St Helens, like any other area WA10 has its good and bad.....Eccleston is well sought after for example, the town centre is WA10 and there's nothing but bookies and charity shops there, retail parks have done this to a lot of small towns. Town centre is in need of some serious investment. I'm looking more at Liverpool and Warrington myself.
  2. I'm seeing a different broker on Monday, hopefully they'll be more clued up.
  3. Hi, I'm looking to get a bit more serious with this and do the rest of my properties in a limited company. I've set the company up, found my next property and had an offer accepted. I've applied for a business account with Starling, they require a mortgage offer in principle and my broker requires proof of a business account to start looking for mortgages, any ideas what to do? Cheers
  4. Hi, I was considering selling the properties because every mortgage broker I've seen so far has tried to steer me in that direction. They have all said it would be too much hassle to transfer them over to the limited company. I'm seeing am accountant tomorrow who may be more help.
  5. Hi, new here looking for advice on whether to build a portfolio. I suppose I would fall into the accidental landlord category, at the moment I have 2 properties mortgage free that would leave me with roughly 200k after tax etc. I'm thinking of selling them, setting up a limited company and going down the 25% deposit interest only route. My day job puts me in 40% tax so think the limited company is the best way to go. I know nobody knows what's going to happen with Russia but wondering if I should hang fire for a few months.
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