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  1. The impact on HMO's for landlords as well as house sharer tenants such as students and working professionals will be huge. As having no fixed term means tenants could just leave at short notice meaning the landlord could be left with empty rooms and voids and the other tenants being in an uncertain position regarding fellow tenants and who they will be living with
  2. Renters’ Reform Bill - Every Landlord Needs To Get Involved! I have been trying to raise awareness with other landlords regarding the bill as many seem unaware of it. After being a landlord for many years I am thinking to leave the industry after reading all of the proposals in the bill. I have submitted feedback to the government and completed the NRLA survey below and encourage all other Landlords to do the same. Information regarding the bill and how you can provide feedback to the government can be found here: https://committees.parliament.uk/call-for-evidence/2700/ Submissions should go to luhccom@parliament.uk The National Residential Landlords Association (NRLA) are also carrying out a survey at the following: https://www.nrla.org.uk/research/surveys/renters-reform-bill-consultation Hopefully our concerns will be listened to as these proposals will have be detrimental for both landlords and tenants.
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