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    London / Hampshire
  • Property investment interests
    I began looking for my first-time home Dec '15 and did not want to leverage myself to the max and live in a mediocre property. So I am prepared to sacrifice my living standards over the next few years and undertake some developments to move up the property ladder
  • My skills
    Renovation; CAD; plumbing; electric; painting & decorating; kitchen fitting
  • My goals
    Live mortgage free in a house circa £750k value with additional capital to continue investing.
  • Interests outside property
    Flying, sailing and motorbikes.

    I also own my own company which takes up most of my time.
  1. Hi! I'm Will, I'm 27 and am based down in Hampshire/London at the moment. I have long had an interest in property as an investment but am only now in a position to buy something on my own. My first experience with property was in 2011 and it was a joint venture with my parents. We bought in Kings Cross (I own 25% - costing £150k) and it is doing very well thanks to all the local redevelopment. My primary goal is to work up through the property ladder so that I have somewhere nice to live and be mortgage free. Depending on my success I may treat this a serious venture; and put off
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