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  1. Hi Hubbers I’m after some advice for setting up my first company for the purpose of - purchasing and letting my own property managing the letting of another property owned by a different company I am planning to use the following SIC codes: 68100: Buying & selling of own real estate; 6820: Other letting and operating of own or leased real estate Are there any disadvantages of having more than 1 SIC code? Thanks in advance for your help Joe
  2. Thanks for the quick reply Stuart! I plan to purchase the property through a ltd company - thats what I meant by Commercial. If I was one (of three) of the directors of a separate Ltd company that had a HMO would that typically suffice? (providing I had been for the X amount of years they required experience) Thanks again, Joe
  3. Hi Everyone - I’m looking to make my first investment property purchase soon and I have a couple queries ref commercial mortgages: If I am planning on doing a HMO - will I need a specific HMO Commercial mortgage? If so, am I likely to need experience as a landlord in order to get this? Would this be different for a student HMO where they are on the same AST? Thanks in advance! Joe
  4. Hi Louise - I signed up a year ago but have really only just started posting! I live in Bristol and have previously considered pursuing a rent to rent strategy. Would be interested to hear if you get any feedback! Cheers, Joe
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