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  1. Has anyone experience with selling a btl flat with a tenant in place? best wishes Oz
  2. Hello Simon I disagree...You have enough for some properties in the UK But again its back to your strategy. Oz
  3. Hello Simon yes it can be daunting... May I ask if you have a strategy yet? Are you looking at purely domestic 'buy to let'? Is your plan to build a large number of properties of the same type? Are you and/or your wife employees? Have your own Ltd Company? Willing and able to start a Ltd Company? If your strategy is to build a large number of properties in a portfolio then there are some tax advantages and pension advantages to be gained. If you are looking to minimise inheritance taxes for you children then
  4. Hello folks I'm looking to increase my v small portfolio but looking for a little advice from the collective expertise you all kindly share I have a small plot in Great Malvern (15m x 13m) with road access. Currently has a garage on the plot. What would your advice be? Build on the plot? Hold it for a later sale or sell it now. It doesn't currently have planning permission and I've not explored the planning appetite for Gt Malvern. Any thoughts? Oz
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