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  1. FYI, I spoke to my tenants and they agreed to pay the fee. Maybe worth speaking to them but if they hadn't agreed im not sure what I would have done. It is shocking to be honest.
  2. Hi all I have received a letter from Rapid Secure who work with the police to secure properties after any incident has left the property unsecured. The bill is for £204 and is addressed to me at my home address as the "client address" and the rental property as the "call out address". The envelope is dated 9/1/19 but the letter is dated 18/6/18. It also states that the payment term is 14 days. Seems a little fishy to me. The tenant advised me that his girlfriend and himself had a domestic issue around that time and the police were called although I am not aware of the nitty grit
  3. Hi, sorry to kind of highjack this post but I have a similar issue where the tenants have split and he is wanting to stay but is wanting to write a new AST with just him on it. I dont mind who lives there as long as the rent is being paid but im unsure legally whether or not I can give him a new one without her on without confirming with her. The current AST was for 6 months and is now rolling. Thanks in advance.
  4. Any advice would be appreciated. My tenant has today handed her months notice in and her reason is due to the next door neighbours (terraced houses so joined on) are apparently arguing all the time and she suspects domestic violence. My tenant has 4 kids and doesnt not want them to hear this which is totally understandable. What can I do about this, if anything at all? Or am I just in a bad situation..? :/
  5. Hello everyone, Only recently discovered the podcasts and listened up to episode 35 and having regular meetings with my brother (and business partner) and friend who is also into property investment to discuss all topics raised throughout the episodes. The easy listening(ness) to information ratio is perfect and I am learning loads! Attended the sheffield meetup last night and met some brilliant people and will definitely be going again to both sheffield and leeds (i live in Barnsley). I have just bought Rob Dix's latest book, the "property investment for beginners" and "100 prope
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