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  1. I always use ROI, but also use gross and net yield for quick comparisons. I try to aim for about 5-7% ROI for long term investments. Though for more expensive areas e.g. in the South/London, ROI could be as low as 2-3% because the house prices are much higher there. Here's a good article from Rob on what to use: HOW TO CALCULATE YOUR GROSS YIELD, NET YIELD AND ROI there is a spreadsheet on the page as well that may help. All the best in your next investment!
  2. Debbie, many thanks. Things are being to get a bit clearer now and all the advice is really appreciated. Please could you break down "iht would be an excluded asset and chargeable to iht". Sorry, iht is still a bit of a green area for me. Thanks in advance!
  3. Hello Simon, I will be happy to get in touch. Thank you for you reply. I was wondering if using an inter company loans had any impact on Entrepreneurs’ Relief or Inheritance tax. My plan is the new property ltd co. will outlive my current ltd co., what happens when its time to wind up my trading ltd company and there is still a loan outstanding? also, would you advise on charging interest?
  4. Thank you for your reply. Much appreciated. From my research, inter company loans does seem quite popular (hence my initial decision to go with it) and more straightforward though it would helpful if you don't mind sharing with me some of your experience e.g. how straight forward in terms of getting mortgages etc.
  5. Hi all, I intend to set up a limited company to hold btl properties, I don't intend to draw a salary from this SPV any time soon. To seed the SPV, I was planning to make an inter-company loan from my current trading ltd company to the new property company which I assumed from research was the best option. However my accountant advises the most tax efficient approach will be the property company holds shares and receives dividends as a source of funding from my trading company. When looking into this, I have seen where people set up a holding companies where both property co and trading co are subsidiaries and some other combinations. I am hoping you can share your experiences with me please as I am really not sure which is the best approach. Thank you
  6. Hello Sophia, Thanks for reply, wishing you every success as you go on this journey too. Please feel free to PM me. I haven't looked much into R2R, but can certainly point you in the right direction. Where are you based?
  7. I used a broker from London and County for my residential last year. I am a contractor too, and it was very straight forward, no fee - the lender pays. Will be using for BTL. Happy to PM you the details
  8. Hello everyone, I am from Kent. I am still a newbie but hopefully wont be for long I am looking for investment opportunities in North Kent and Medway. In the meantime, I am getting myself educated and informed. I have worked in the software industry for over 20 years and I am good with sourcing, systems, research and leveraging internet technologies - if I can be of help to anyone, let me know. A big thank you to Rob and Rob for this inspiring platform and for all the great podcasts and resources - I am hooked!
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