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  1. Hi Mark With any property purchase it's advisable to have a final viewing prior to exchange of contracts. That way should there be any issues then you're in a position to withdraw or re-negotiate. In this instance the final viewing should be when the house is vacant so you can properly assess the place. The fact you're still interested should demonstrate to the seller that you are a serious buyer and may allow you a discount opportunity. The fact the property is a bit of a mess now will put many off. If the property stacks up then a lower offer might grab you a good deal. Should an offer be accepted then be prepared for this to be a bit long winded, this potential inconvenience should be reflected in any offer on the understanding that you'll stick with it under reasonable circumstances. Personally I like opportunities like this as one person's mess is another persons money. Hope this helps. Paul
  2. Hi Chantelle I can't honestly say I've found a 'magic bullet' in terms of perks for single let's. I do always try to do what I say I'll do, when I say I'll do it by. Hope that makes sense! Communication is key, people dislike being kept in the dark and having to chase for things they believe they're entitled to. If you ever have to deliver unwelcome news then be sincere in your approach and always try to explain the reasons behind the decision you've come to. Hope this helps. Paul
  3. I too received this letter. Looked to be worded in a manner similar to TV licence demands. Can't stand them! As I see it, it's all about legal entities. My Ltd holds no personal data and has never purchased data holding electronic devices, therefore I can't see how its required. I can't see how a court of law would be able to favour the ico. The agent(s) hold any personal data so I've declined the kind offer of charging me. Its just another money generating exercise. I must note that I am registered with the ico personally as required for other interests.
  4. Ask around the local area and see if any neighbours have a contact number of family/friends. You may be able to find the owners name from the title document at the land registry website, a copy of this will cost you less than a fiver. Using this name will give you a starting point for your search. Not sure if the council would be able to help you find the owner as they should have a contact for council tax payment. Prehaps worth a call to explain the situation and see if they can help? Good luck Paul
  5. If the affected area is behind/underneath the area in the last photo then I'd advise fixing the cause of that obvious damp. Looks like the header tank in the loft (of the house on the the right) is over flowing and dripping onto the shed roof, this is splashing/running onto the brickwork and is a cause of penetrating damp. It's been over flowing for some time judging by the colour of the wall in the affected area. I'm a damp contractor and always check the obvious rather than just trying to flog a dpc. This seems pretty obvious to me! Shame that a 50 pence rubber washer has potentially caused this problem.
  6. I used them a few months ago for a Ltd Co mortgage, my experience was fine. They wanted quite a bit of info from me but all seemed reasonable and as expected. A good broker can advise of service levels to be expected based on their current experience with a lender. Ask your broker for their opinion of them compared to others. This should both manage your expectations and allow choice of lender to fit your goals.
  7. Where I'm based in Lincoln there has been a step change in rents. Reason appears to be that tenants moves have increased since the fee ban, landlords are looking to claw back some of the relative losses incurred as a result of recent government intervention. Demand is strong and the market is soaking up the increase. I also feel that zero deposit is helping fuel rent increases by removing a perceived barrier to entry.
  8. Light grey or magnolia matt emulsion for the walls. You can buy both in trade tubs at decent prices. White satin or gloss for woodwork. Matt white ceilings. Always worked for me.
  9. They must have had some dodgy ones last year. I had one fail (go off, false alarm) in the middle of the night last week. Installed last year. I had to demount it to turn it off. Its on my desk waiting for me to complain about it. These used to be the go to smoke alarm but prehaps no longer?
  10. Hi Alfie I'd speak with the agent and try to understand what is putting people off viewing. Establishing what the market wants (or percieves to be missing) is key. Once you have this information you can make any changes necessary. One other thing, did you not consider creating a corridor upstairs to the bathroom? This would then make it a true 2 bedroom house. Prehaps this is putting people off? Where I am based an only bathroom off a bedroom puts people off and the house if effectively worth that of one less bedroom (if that makes sense). Hope this helps Paul
  11. Really interested to hear the outcome of this. Prehaps a conversation with an experienced solicitor would be worthwhile, they would be able to advise on what should have and has happened.
  12. Hi Emma I personally use the JSP force 8 mask with the P3 filters. I find this fits pretty well without steaming up my glasses. You should make sure the mask is suitable for your needs, I've not checked if it's suitable for stripping lead based paint. Dust wise keep the doors and windows wide open to clear it quickly, my friend has a fan with some flexible ducting to remove dust from source. I was surprised at how well this worked. Good luck Paul
  13. It's worth paying for an independent surveyor to assess the problem. If you ask damp contractors to assess then you risk the remedial work quoted being over the top. An independent will give you an outline of the work required and a rough cost. I can recommend one I have used who's based in Rotherham if that's local to you?
  14. Hi Ivan Either should be able to help you, prehaps start with the lender first. If they don't talk directly to customers then your broker should be able to obtain it. Cheers Paul
  15. Hi Ivan It would be worth obtaining a list of solicitors that are on the lenders panel. That will give you a list of solicitors available. You can then contact them to obtain quotes. Hope this helps Paul