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    I work in the world of architecture, so i guess my skills are in design, and construction.
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    Working on my goals at the moment, and i'll update soon!
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  1. Hi All, I have recently had an offer accepted on a 2 bed terrace house with loft room (no building regs, so couldn't be sold as 3-bed) for 375k However, after we commissioned an independent homebuyers survey, they have said that in their eyes, the property is worth 350k. They have also said that there would be damp problems (although not a great deal) that would need immediate attention. The bank has not been instructed yet, and I would like to now negotiate with the vendor for a reduction. But am a little worried about how to approach this, as we REALLY like the property, and wa
  2. Hi Guys, Can you do an episode on beginning in commercial property? Thanks, Charlie
  3. HA! - you're on a percentage?! Yeah, I'm on their case as well, but might need to rent it out sooner....
  4. Hi All, I have managed to remortgage my 2 bed flat in HIghbury to a buy-to-let. It has recently been done up and is quite high-spec (as we used to live there!) and am now on the lookout for someone to fully manage it. I have been looking at high street estate agents, and WOW THE COSTS - 18% one offered me (although he did say it was negotiable). So, I have been looking at online agents, and wondered if anyone had any experience? cheers charlie
  5. All, Thanks for all this info - really helpful. I think by me going on mortgage comparable websites, i forgot to check the box that says no marketing, because all of a sudden i am receiving letters from estate agents asking if i want to sell, complete with pictures of comparable properties they have just sold for ridiculous prices. Instant research - and the one time that marketing trash has actually become useful!! Now wondering if I should have just gone with an enormous valuation and waited to be knocked down... would this have been a game to play? Thanks again. charli
  6. Hi All, We have just had an offer accepted on a 3 bed victorian terrace in Brighton, and would like to get it surveyed independently of the bank. Can anyone recommend a company that would do a thorough job (not too thorough - i don't need to asses the structural integrity)? Many thanks, Charlie
  7. Hi Kylie, Thanks for that - I have been following a few of your posts, and was hoping you'd respond! I have one room as a nursery. Do you think it's worth getting a bed in there, so it's REALLY obvious? I was also told by my broker that it might be worth leaving a few letters we have had from the agents that valued it out. And failing that - getting all Derren Brown and putting subliminal messages all over the place.... Out of interest did you get higher then you had planned for? Charlie
  8. Hello All, Quick bit of background: I am moving out of London (with, it seems, the rest of London) down to Brighton. We feel we have made a fair amount of money on our 2 bed flat, and would like to release equity to fund a deposit on a new property, plus, if we can, a further BTL. I have a mortgage advisor and he is setting me up on a 75% interest only BTL mortgage based on quite a high (but not ridiculous) valuation, and is sending the surveyor round asap. So, my question is as follows: How do I make sure the surveyor comes round and values the property at what I would love it to b
  9. According to The Poke, these are 20 of the most awful estate agent photographs. Being in the architecture business, the "fertility window" might be something i start to incorporate in my designs.... Enjoy.. http://www.thepoke.co.uk/2014/05/26/20-terrible-estate-agent-photographs/
  10. i went to school with Jamie Oliver. He gots loads of properties, and must be in EVERYONES property!
  11. Andrew, thank you! Chris, some real good points there, thank you. The flat i own, and live in, has the lease held by the council, who decided to do up the building, and let me know that i owe 4k for the work!! So, I am a bit once bitten, twice shy...
  12. Hi Nick, That's really great advice, thank you! Being new to this, i think the negotiation part is for me somewhat scary. There is always a part of me that worries that i would be offering too low, and offending everyone involved... ...especially buying BMV. (Can't wait for that masterclass Rob & Rob). Out of interest, what irks you when taking prospective buyers around properties? The ones that are too enthusiastic, then come back with a list of faults? Charlie ps - could you direct me to your post about your formula, i'd be really interested.
  13. Hello! I'm Charlie, and i'm currently scouting around the south-east, Eastbourne in particular, looking for my first BTL property, with the aim of building up a portfolio over the coming years. I guess my only experience comes from owning my own home, and working as a designer the world of architecture (although i did read somewhere that was actually a hindrance). At the moment I am ploughing through one of Robs reading recommendations, and have nearly finished "how to make friends and influence people" - which will hopefully make me utterly desirable to estate agents! Charlie
  14. Hello everyone! I am a newbie about to embark on my first BTL, and I was wondering what costs you all would factor in? I am planning on buying a 125k 1/2 bedroom flat, with need of slight refurbishment. So, because i work full time, and need a mortgage, i consider these costs outlined below mandatory... I have collated a few, and got quotes, but would be interested to know if these are way off, or if there is anything that i have missed, or that others would add? Tenancy Deposit Scheme £20 Gas Safe Certificate £45 Landlord Insurance £100 Energy Performance Certificate
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