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  1. Hi Sami Thanks for your response. Personally, I am a foreign national but have set up a limited company domiciled in UK but the information I am getting is it is still very difficult to get a mortgage, especially for a new company. Thanks again
  2. Hi All I have been through a number of the discussions on this forum and the information has been very helpful. However, I would still like to have some advice to my specific situation if possible. I'm located in Hong Kong and have set up a UK limited company. My available cash pot is small at GBP30K but would like to do a first buy to start building a portfolio to enable me to approach JV investors. I am looking in the North and Midlands area and open to a bridging loan for the purchase but need to know if I would be able to get a mortgage so that the bridging can be repaid, otherwise it's not going to work. I would love to have some feedback and advice as I am at a crossroads as to whether I should pursue this property investment scenario or just shelve it for the time being. Thanks heaps, guys
  3. Hi Mark Just wanted to touch base and learn from other's experience. Can't agree less that the most important thing is to find a sourcer/partner who can be trusted. There are meetups in HK but they seem to be few and far between so if Vicky sees this post, can be you please advise if there is a schedule for the next one as I can't seem to locate it from Events. Thanks for taking the time to reply, Mark. Cheers
  4. Hi Mark Your location, being Shanghai, caught my eye as I am in HK and looking to start my property investment journey now. Would be interested in how you are doing it from where you are located. Did you in fact relocate just recently? Wait to hear
  5. Thanks, Paul, lee dee and paul ritchie, for your input.
  6. I noticed on some offers that it is for cash only, ie, not mortgageable. Why would the property be not mortgageable?
  7. If a tenant fails to pay rent due to loss of job, can he be evicted? What are the procedures? thanks
  8. Thanks heaps Richard and Chris. I'll start doing my homework and will certainly reach out when the time comes. Thanks again for the offer of support.
  9. Hi, I am interested in property investment and have been studying on the subject for the past year or so. I feel I am ready to start but as I am not based in the UK, I am rather at a lost as to how to close in on an area to start building a portfolio. I am looking to start with a couple of buy to sells but at the end of the day, looking for cashflow. Looking for insights. Thanks
  10. Hi All I have been listening to the podcasts now for a couple of months and find the contents of the recordings and all the information in the hub very useful. What caught my eye was Kaichan being in Hong Kong where I am based. I am also looking to start my property investment career in the U.K. and would love to be in touch with similarly minded people, noting especially that there are monthly Hub meetups in HK. May I have more information on that? Thanks
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