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  1. Hi Hubbers, i have found a great property with a great price in a good area, and I ask myself why! This property is on the market for £205K and has 1 x 2BD apt and 3 x 1BD apts. Two of the apts have their own separate entrances from the main entrance. Each apt will fetch approx £500 pcm. I have no idea how much money is needed to upgrade the property but it's mostly cosmetic so I'm guessing approximately £25K. I have spoke to a local property HMO mortgage expert who says due to no. 1 N. Ireland having less options anyway and no. 2 the property
  2. Hi all, Looking for a range of opinions on my current dilemma. I have 2 x BTL properties. Property 1 - 2 bed mid terraced modern house in Devon, Rents for £675, Value £175k, ROI of just over 5% once all costs are taken into account including things like building a fund for replacement boiler etc. It's bringing in around £2k per year gross profit before tax. Property 2 - 2 bed flat in Stevenage, Value £210-230k ish, rents for £800, Just bought this after a horribly delayed purchase process. Washing its face but not stellar, hoping rents rise a little
  3. This is my first post, so hello! Right, i'm 29 years old and have just come into £400,000. That truly is a life changing amount of money and I want to invest wisely while making some sort of income from it. Obviously, property is the first thing that comes to mind. I've been doing some research but there are so many options to choose from. What would some seasoned property people do in my situation? Buy to let? Buy, renovate and sell on? What in you guy's opinion are the best sources of information? I can quite easily google and find plenty of sites but where do you thi
  4. Hi folks, I am new to the Forum although have had a keen obsession in all things property related for many years now! I've finally decided to do something about it & am in the early stages of research - listening to the podcasts & reading up on all things relevant. I live in Edinburgh & my initial plan was to refurbish properties & sell on - flipping - the new term I have recently learnt! I had planned to start off in Edinburgh as I know it extremely well, buying at around £150,000, refurbish & then sell on & repeat. I had planned to try &
  5. Hi there, i am wondering if I am on a wild goose chase here. Is this even possible, is there anyone that will look into my specific circumstances and lend to me, or will it always be a case of computer says no? I own my Own flat outright worth 80K and i should be on Track to earn 80K this year. I was employed last year and earnt 30K, I have about 30/40Kcash, yet can't seem to borrow a Penny. Cheers Laurence
  6. A lender who really understands the professional investor market has issued a report today on the BTL sector. it's not all doom and gloom and BTL is still a very positive market for professional investors looking at the long-term. Shawbrook also contributed to the Tenant Tax fighting fund and as a broker who does a lot of work with them, I find their attitude a breath of fresh air compared to some other lenders. Shawbrook BTL Report.pdf
  7. Hello, I'm considering selling or renting out my current residential property as buying a new family home and making the decision based on financial return over the long-term. I'm a higher rate tax payer with no need for income from rental (until retirement in say 25 years) and as such lean towards capital growth investment strategies over income. Current residential property is 4 bed detached in London (zone 6) with great transport links, schools etc. Yield / ROI not great (c.3.5%) given less demand for larger size / rental value (c.£2,000 pcm) but would attract qualit
  8. Hi all, Hoping for some landlord advice as my parents are in a bit of a tricky situation. They’ve been renting out a 3-bed house (30mins from York, 50mins from Leeds) for £1,200 PCM to a family for just over 2 years. To date, they’ve been perfect tenants and we have a good relationship with them. However, they’ve not been able to pay rent this month because of the self-employed father losing a contract. He’s looking for other jobs at the moment but no guarantee he’ll have a reliable income in the near future. My parents have a couple of ideas for what to do
  9. Hi, Has anyone setup a limited company recently for the purpose of purchasing new BTL properties? For me the accountants I have spoken to have advise setting up an ltd to be more tax efficient but they have also advised checking with lenders on what their criteria would be in terms of how the company is structured etc. I've done some investigating with lenders too and so far have found out the following critieria would be needed: 1. No more than 4 directors. 2. Use one (or all) of SIC codes 68100, 68209, 68320, 68201 3. Personal garauntees to be
  10. Hello all, I am Simon and I currently have 4 properties - all of which were purchased for non-investment reasons 2 for my parents to live in (they decided to move after the first one so now it is tenanted!), one for my sister to live in, and my own property. I live in London in my property and the rest are in my home town of Peterborough and were bought between 2007 and 2012 there is a little bit of equity tied up across these properties. Having worked in London (business analyst in banking) for 8 years and investing in a couple of different businesses, I now want to m
  11. Hi If you are interested in investing into buy to let in Stoke On Trent and Newcastle Under Lyme, feel free to chat to me at bill@rocketthomerentals.com. I also run https://www.facebook.com/groups/stokeandnewcastlelandlordgroup/ and https://www.linkedin.com/groups/8586135. These are landlord groups for the local areas with lots of information regarding what is happening and where to invest. We also regularly blog on https://rocketthomerentals.com/blog. All the best Bill Rockett
  12. Hi Everyone, I am a full time investor and landlord with a portfolio of HMO's in Luton & Bedford and single let's in Manchester. I even got a mention in the propertyhub magazine, thanks Rob and Rob! I am currently expanding my Manchester portfolio and am viewing dozens of properties within 20 mins walk the city centre and Salford Quays as well as some other key areas with good fundamentals. I work in a very systemised way, generating extensive data and building relationships with estate agents. I am always happy to chat with and help other
  13. Hello, I'm looking to buy a property in the UK but as I'm living abroad the minimum I can get is 100k which is too much as the houses I'm looking at are in the 60-90 price bracket. So....would it be possible for my mother to take out a BTL mortgage (my mother lives in the UK full time), then transfer it to me after say 6 months? How would this work?
  14. Hi. BTL mortgage lenders apparently expect the applicant to have a minimum salary of £25K before they will consider a mortgage application. I read on another thread that BTL mortgage lenders generally don't take account of rental income when determining an applicant's income. My plan would be to acquire one BTL property, then reduce the hours I work in my day job, in the expectation that the rental income would more than compensate for the drop in pay. However, if my salary were to drop below £25K then would I find it difficult to successfully apply for a BTL mortgage o
  15. Hi, this is my first time posting on here, and would love to get some opinions! I've got a couple of BTLs, own my own home, and am expecting by the summer to have a reasonable pot of cash (£300-400K) to accelerate my property journey. The thing is, I have separate non-property business so I don't have a great deal of time (evenings & weekends). I'm trying to work out the best strategy both for cashflow now & compounding/reinvestment longer term, but don't want to directly project manage refurbs, or HMOs. I'm also comfortable that I'd be able to assemble a good team (my oth
  16. Afternoon all, As the title suggests i'm a new member to the forum and have been really enjoying the various courses and podcasts that are available. I've been toying with the idea of investing in BTL for a while now and i think i'm almost there in terms access to funds, a strategy and goals. I have a strong idea of where i want to be in say 10 to 15 years time and also expectations in the short to medium term. I deal with commercial real estate as a 'day job', but of course wouldn't it be nice to grow a scalable business and retire early... I have subscr
  17. Good Morning All Property Investors, Up until now my strategy has been to buy properties to let, growing my portfolio organically by reinvesting any capital growth and excess rent. I started in property in 2015 and I now have 3 properties in Buckinghamshire, not an aggressive strategy but one that at this time works for me. With low interest, this going well and I would hope to add to my portfolio again this year. This is where my dilemma comes in – I am asking myself whether I should diversify my portfolio with a new strategy. I see the following
  18. Hi all! I am wondering if any of the new EPC laws that kick in next year will affect your property strategy. I have a few properties that are currently at the F mark, mainly due to the fact that the properties are those solid brick terraced house. I'm still deciding what are the best options for me. I was thinking whether it is better to sell few of the properties to fund any work to make the inefficient buildings more energy efficient or just use the cash flow from the portfolio to slowly improve each property one by one. Has anyone encountered this problem? If so, have you come a
  19. Where in the country would you head if you lived in London and wanted to invest in the following: Within 2 or so hours drive if possible Needs high enough yield to pass new lending restrictions at 75% LTV Good fundamentals and demand as an area Potential for some Growth and not purely yield. Some suggestions: Peterborough / Wellingborough Luton Swindon Basildon Chatham Any others??? Any favourites ???
  20. Hello Everyone! I'm a born-and-raised Brit who is currently living abroad and is seeking to invest in property back home... Property History In Nov '13 bought my own home (3 bed 2/3 floor ex-coucil maisonette) in SE3, London over three years ago for £170k. I bought because I needed to live in London and couldn't afford to rent. I remortgaged, in Nov '15 and now have a personal (20%LTV, fixed for 5 years, repayment over 25 years) mortgage with consent to let costing c. £625 pm. It's leasehold, with service charge and ground rent costing approx. £54 pm. Since I moved
  21. Hello, I am buying a BTL property through a Ltd company. I have the mortgage offer accepted. The lender wants a fixed & floating charge on the company and any future properties bought by the company. Will this be a problem when I want to buy a second property through the Ltd company. The solicitor said this is a standard procedure, but also said there may be a problem when I want to buy a second property. If anybody has any thoughts on this please could you share it. I want to understand what I am getting into. Regards Suhu
  22. Ok - so just curious.... Is there anywhere in the country that comes close to being able to provide the following "Unicorn" BTL properties... 10% yield on a single let (so not HMO or Serviced Ac) No LHA No "Ghetto" areas Good demand for Tenants and also people want to live there. Doesn't matter if its a 1bed studio or a 4bed house. In my experience it seems that the yield ceiling for the above is closer to 7%. Anybody able to beat 7% in todays market in some corner of this green and pleasant land ?
  23. Hello everyone, I'm a part-time property investor based in Lanarkshire, Scotland with 7 properties between me and my wife. Looking to get building my portfolio but currently not overly cash-rich (one day hopefully). My portfolio currently ranges from a 1 bed flat to a 4 bed villa. Recently I have had two extensive refurbishment project which have been thoroughly enjoyable (at times stressful) to do. Also have a full time job as an Optometrist, so property is a great change of scenery! Ive just started listening to the podcasts which are great. Go
  24. Hi, I'm looking for advice going forward with regards to living off my rental income and future remortgages. I'm thinking forward and looking at the possibility of living off my rental income in the near future. I'm looking to save up a lump sum to live off initially and would like advice from full-time property investors. 1st question is, once living solely on rental income, how easy is it to remortgage your BTL's and home mortgage? Have you done this? which lenders do it and what criteria are they looking for the least? and what's a typical
  25. Hi, I'm looking for advice going forward with regards to living off my rental income and future remortgages. I'm thinking forward and looking at the possibility of living off my rental income in the near future. I'm looking to save up a lump sum to live off initially and would like advice from full-time property investors. 1st question is, once living solely on rental income, how easy is it to remortgage your BTL's and home mortgage? Have you done this? which lenders do it and what criteria are they looking for the least? and what's a typical
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