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Found 15 results

  1. I live in London and will be doing 2-3 BRRR projects in Manchester and/or Liverpool over the next 2 years. I intend to drive up and site visit every 7-10 days, but want someone nearby to oversee every couple of days and feedback to me, as I'll be working with a new contractor (at least on the first property in each city). I feel that even with the additional cost it is preferable to leaving a new contractor to their own devices for a week or two between check-ins (no disrespect to the amazing people in construction out there) Is their a job title for this type of thing? And any advice on finding such a person, qualifications, contract, cost etc is very much appreciated Thanks to everyone for their generous input on this forum
  2. Hi, Just completed on a purchase in East Manchester. Looking for contractors in tendering for the works. Works include basement and loft conversion along with complete internal refurb. Anyone interested or could recommend a good builder/contractor that would be interested in tendering it would be much appreciated. Thanks John
  3. Hi Hubbers, Just looking for any recommendations for contractors that carry out Refurb work in or around Lowestoft Suffolk. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi, We’re approaching completion on a 3-bed Semi in Stockport that needs a full refurb including removal of one wall, installation of central heating and a rewire. Ca anybody recommend any contractors covering the Stockport area that take on full management of this type of project, or alternatively any specific trades people covering then same area? many thanks Tom
  5. Hi everyone, My question is as it says in the title really... does anyone have any recommendations for companies that they've worked with in Northamptonshire who can manage end to end refurbs? I'm in the process of buying a 2 bed terraced house that needs a full refurb (gas needs connecting, damp dealing with, central heating putting in, new bathroom, new kitchen etc. etc.) so am looking to get some quotes and choose a contractor in the next month or so. Thanks in advance!
  6. Hi guys, anyone out here familiar with/undertaken the process of loaning deposit funds from a Contractor Ltd Company to an SPV? I want to verify whether this method is viable and can be legitimately classified as a business to business loan under HMRC rules? Thanks in advance
  7. Hello Everyone, I am planning to embark on a BTL journey via the SPV company route. I have got enough funds in my limited company to cash buy 1-2 properties but am a bit unsure about the best possible way to transfer the same into the new SPV. Any advice would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance, Arunjay
  8. Dear Hubbers, For the refurbishment of our latest property purchase in Stockport, we are looking forTradesmen in the area. Does anyone know any reliable tradesmen with an eye for detail and reasonable fees in the Stockport area? We would really appreciate your help! Cheers, Elise
  9. Hi guys I'm a contractor and receive my salary through my Personal Ltd Company. I'm looking to purchase a buy to let via a separate Property Ltd Company/SPV. I'm looking for advice on the most tax efficient (i.e. minimising dividend tax) way to transfer funds for the deposit from my Personal Ltd Company to the Property Ltd Company/SPV? I'm going to discuss with accountant but would appreciate some background knowledge beforehand. I've seen various suggestions centering around making a loan between the two companies...
  10. Hi Guys, I have started with my first BTL propety. It is based in Crewe and I will be managing it myself, just to save money for the deposit for next one. I am based in South and thus looking for contacts/recommendation of good handyman, contractor who should be able to do small fixes, etc. Any suggestion from you guys, where should I look or how should I get hold of any decent person. Thank you very much in advance.
  11. Good Afternoon Everyone! Does anyone have any recommendations or tales of woe/avoidance to share wrt umbrella/PAYE companies? I will be requiring one for a short while before I incorporate at the end of the year and finding it difficult to choose one. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated! K
  12. Help required please. Just made my first purchase in Manchester in the Whalley Range area. I've bought a one bed flat which is a 1970's build purpose built apartment. I need a bit of work carried out on the place, nothing too substantial, but enough that I'd want someone / a team that know what they're doing. Main jobs are: - light fittings changing - walls lightly reskimmed / smoothed out where required - plasterboard some ceiling areas - new bathroom suite fitted and tiling Should be maximum 7-10 days labour at a push based on previous renovations I've done down south. Can anyone recommend any decent tradespeople in the Manchester area? I've had a couple of quotes using mybuilder and rated people and the cost of trades was coming in over double what I've paid down south in the past - I wonder if that's because there's more competition / Eastern European labour available in London? Would really, really appreciate any leads. Thanks in advance guys!
  13. Hi guys- I need your advice and opinions please, My situation is slightly unique in that I'm: (i) a first time buyer, (ii) a contractor, (iii) am planning to purchase through a ltd company. I spoke to an L&C broker over the weekend regarding potential mortgage options for a BTL mortgage, and after inputting all my details, they returned just one potential lender requiring 9% interest only over 3yrs. Obviously these numbers don't work! It's rather discouraging to hear that this is my only option out there... Does anyone know of any other potential lenders who would sound out a first time BTL investor in my position? Thanks!
  14. Hi all, I'm in the process of setting up a rent to rent business, operating in East London. I am looking at getting together a list of tradesmen/contractors to assist with sprucing up the properties I acquire and wonder if anyone may be able to help. Is there any tradesmen (general handymen, decorators, carpet fitters, plumbers, electricians) anyone can recommend that operate in the East London area? Being London, I can imagine there are a lot of cowboys out there and am just a little cautious. Also, has anyone had any experience with using the Task Rabbit app to help with light refurb/general handyman tasks and if so, how did you get on? Thanks for your time. Charlie
  15. Hello all, Would really appreciate any suggestions from anyone who has used a builder for conversions or something comparable before and can recommend. The builder I was set on using has been delayed on another job due to subsidence discovery and has a undefined delay as a result. The property is in Coalville, Leicestershire. Any suggestions would be great. Ta, Glen
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