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  1. Hi Guys, I'm new to the property scene, so trying to gather as much information as I can from any source. I have money to buy a number of properties, looking to create enough residual income to almost retire... hopefully. thanks Shaun
  2. Hi all, I am looking to buy a property to live in but I want to be able to recycle my deposit and add value. I was hoping someone could give me some advice on areas of the wirral or Liverpool that could satisfy these criteria: Realistically able to find a 3 bed property for around 70/80k that needs work doing to it. Can realistically revalue for £110-120k High demand from first time buyers Likely to be an area that experiences decent capital growth Property can work as a (probably) low yield BTL My primary goal in this situation is t
  3. Hi, I am wondering if there is anybody on here who has land for sale in Merseyside (Liverpool, Wirral, Sefton, Knowsley, St Helens) with or without planning permission suitable for residential development please?
  4. Hi guys, So I've done enough reading about property investing, BTL and HMO's. It's now time to start investing but want to get your views first. I have around 120k to invest and I'm looking to get in a position where I'm earning a good residual income (above 2k a month after expenses). I don't have much time to manage any properties that I purchase, so need a plan which wouldn't take up most of my time. Is 2k possible a month (after bills). So questions. What property would you look for in my position? BTL or HMO's? I've been told that I could only
  5. Hello lovely people! This forum has been such a useful find! I've learnt so much scouring through all the posts and I'm so glad to have found the podcast! My partner and I are intending to visit the North and hope that you guys can recommend any sourcing agents/estate agents in the Northern areas such as Glasgow, Hull, Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield, Liverpool, Birmingham & Crewe as we will be investing remotely. Please feel free to comment or email me at sh.propportunity@gmail.com for a chat! Thank you so much! Cheers SH
  6. Hi all, I am 40 years old and have lived in Liverpool for the majority of my life and know the city and surrounding areas reasonably well, and hold one property in my own name and one in a Ltd company, typical BTL's. I offer a service where I can view selected properties in Liverpool and/or the North West area for any investors both abroad and UK wide providing plenty of photos and information of the property which you wouldn't necessarily find in the standard brochure and local knowledge about the surrounding areas from someone who knows the area, for investors who for
  7. Hi All Pleased to introduce myself. I am 27 years old and have been in full time employment for nearly 4 years in Liverpool. I currently live at home, but I am looking to acquire my first property in Liverpool city centre with a view that the property would make a good investment (Capital growth and potential to let profitably in the future) whilst I will live their myself for the next 3-5 years and may consider sub-letting the spare room if i decide to generate extra cash for investment. In the last 3 months I have viewed circa 25 properties in Liverpool c
  8. Hi all, I'm just starting out as a BTL purchaser and am focussing in on Liverpool. I've got three properties going through conveyancing on 75% LTV mortgages through my newly formed Limited Company. Have spent countless days worth of time researching the area, tax strategies, rental demand, fundamentals etc and have a targeted area in Liverpool that I'm happy with, buying a combination of turn key residential house lets and rental houses requiring renovation. Mortgage broker is sorted, solicitor is sorted, surveyor is sorted. I'm getting to the point now where I have a f
  9. Looking for anyone that has creatively sourced properties in Liverpool. Seller Finance, BMV, BTL, Lease Options Etc. Contact me at chim@internationalpropertybrokers.com Thanks Chim Diwan
  10. Hi everyone! I am a 17 year old from Liverpool wanting to become entrepreneur and I have a drive to be successful in the world of business. Luckily finding entrepreneurship at a young age allowing me to change my mindset with the help of books ; Rich dad poor dad by Robert Kiyosaki and Property magic by Simon Zutshi I know now I want to start my entrepreneurial journey in property investment to build something substantial and be the absolute best I can be. I have a personal goal to become financially free and a millionaire before the age of 27. I am looking forward to lear
  11. Evening folks, Wondering if anyone in the Liverpool area could recommend the following: Solicitor Property Specialist Accountant Mortgage Broker New to the city and hoping to begin investing ASAP, would be great to meet those with experience in the city that can help guide me along or indeed those who are like myself starting off. Catch up over a coffee and share ideas. Have £20,000 saved so would also be interested in a JV, ideally with more experienced investor who can help introduce me to their network. If you would rather contact
  12. Hi all, I am new here. I want to start property investment up north. I am from London and looking to invest in BTL property with leverage Strategy every 2/3 years. I have created an SPV Limited company. I need help with good areas eg Manchester liverpool but also need help with finding properties which which don’t require much work and be able to give to management agents to rent to professionals straight away as I don’t have time because i am working full time. I have an initial deposit of £25k and looking around £80-£100K budget with good rental yield and also good capital growth so tha
  13. Hi, I am an investor and have a small portfolio in the area where I live in the South East, and after months of deliberation I have decided to take the plunge, expand, and buy a more affordable property in Liverpool. I have some viewings lined up for tomorrow and I have also arranged to meet a builder who worked on 3 properties for another investor last year, whose details I received from an estate agent. Can anyone recommend any companies or builders to project manage/carryout the works, or any tips in general. Any comments would be appreciated. Many thanks. Andy
  14. So it looks like I've found my first property! It is in Liverpool, L7. 3 bed terrace that needs a complete refurb! I've never done anything like it....so, I really could do with your advice! Would anyone recommend a good, honest surveyor and builders, please? Thank you! Annie
  15. Dear all, I would be very grateful for any advice. I want to invest for myself and am currently trying to sell my house in order to start the process. However in the meantime, I want to help my mum make the most of her investment money. She is currently investing just over £150k with HSBC and receiving around £400 a month. I am convinced I could get her an income of closer to £1000 a month (i.e. net 8% yield). So, my criteria is this: High priority High yield (target net 8%) House in good shape when purchased (i.e. no structural work, minimum cosmetic imp
  16. Hi everyone, I'm buying some flats in Liverpool and they were completed a few months ago. The lender solicotor is asking for formal confirmation from Liverpool City Council that the flats have been build to the plans. It is of course a contractual obligation of the developer that the plans have been complied with and usually solicitors will take a view on this, but not in this case. So I have been waiting for a months now for Liverpool City Council to get back to my solicitors to confirm this. I'm pushing my solicitor, but nothing is moving.
  17. Hi everyone, I'm buying some flats in Liverpool and they were completed a few months ago. The lender solicotor is asking for formal confirmation from Liverpool City Council that the flats have been build to the plans. It is of course a contractual obligation of the developer that the plans have been complied with and usually solicitors will take a view on this, but not in this case. So I have been waiting for a months now for Liverpool City Council to get back to my solicitors to confirm this. I'm pushing my solicitor, but nothing is moving.
  18. Hello all, I'd love to pick your brains. I own a three bedroom house in Liverpool that I want to develop and turn into student accommodation. Purchased for £60k, the renovation will be £65k. The only problem I have is finding £65k for the renovation. Do you have any suggestions? I have six other properties so could bridge but want to make sure I've explored all options first. Have you ever used a development loan? The build will take 12 weeks then I will refinance to pay off the loan. Thanks in advance.
  19. Hi I wanted to get some advise on whether the areas around the new royal Liverpool university hospital development are good to invest in now. It looks like there is alot of development in this area but I am not from around there and wanted to get some opinions? @rob bence thanks
  20. Hi All, I am a 25-year-old property investor based in Essex who started out about a year and a half ago now, and currently have two properties under my belt. I have been thinking about selling my first investment property, as It is tying up a lot of my money and isn’t giving me a good enough return (re-mortgaging doesn’t release much in this situation). Once sold I should be left with £90K after fees and tax. I am looking to put this money in to a couple of HMO’s aimed at professionals in the midlands or maybe further north E.g. Liverpool, as I would like to increase my
  21. Hi Guys, I have an opportunity to buy two buy-to-lets in Liverpool. Having never been to Liverpool I've done a lot of research and the numbers look good and it seems that houses rent in this area. I will be visiting Liverpool in the next week or two but I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts/comments on Daisy Street in Liverpool. Is it a bad area? Thanks.
  22. Hello, im in the process of purchasing my first property which is a studio in liverpool (l2). I am not looking to sell soon but it would be nice to know the exit plans on studio appartments. I know that most lenders do not give mortgages on properties less than 30 sq mtrs (its 24 sq mtrs). However, I am a bit worried that when I want to sell, it would be very difficult to find a buyer. Can anyone agree or disagree ? Or maybe if you have an experience with this situation before. Please note that its not listed as a student accommodation property. Really appreciate any help ! T
  23. Hi there, I'm looking to speak to people who have started property portfolios in the North of England. I'm from Hull originally and still regularly go back there because my family are still there. I'm interested in that area but also the rest of Yorkshire and the North West. I'm in the process of trying to work out which strategy would be best for me as I live in London but I'm ready and able to invest in 2 to 3 properties in the next 12 - 18 months. I'm particularly interested in speaking to people who have done refurbs, HMOs, multiple property portfolios,
  24. Hi, I'm in an advanced stage of making an investment in the Baltic Triangle, a 2 bed flat. Looking at listings on the portals there tends to be a mix of furnished and unfurnished. I know the pros and cons of each but was looking for some location specific advice on what you think the target market would be looking for. Thanks In Advance, Tom
  25. Good morning! I am looking for advice from anyone that has a good understanding on the BTL market in Liverpool. I would like to purchase a 2-3 bed terraced house there and rent it to young professionals. Can anyone tell me what areas I should be looking at? I want areas with the highest tenant demand and good gross yields of 7%+. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks James
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