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Found 4 results

  1. hi All, I'm looking for advice with regards to my 2 bed flat in London that I am currently living in, as have heard conflicting points of view. The flat is in an old Victorian block, and there is shared access to the loft. In reality no one else has access to it other than myself via my flat. The loft is quite large and I would like to covert it into a third bedroom and add a balcony and small outside space. I consulted my conveyancing solicitor and he advised I would need to purchase the loft from free holder before converting. However, my next door neighbour has already done his and told me he simply applied to do it via the land registry (?!) and insists not necessary to buy the loft. Does anyone have any knowledge on this area and can shed some light? One particular concern is; if I don't buy the loft from freeholder and then renovate, is there then a risk I will not realise the added value of the loft conversion when I come to sell on the flat further down the line? Many thanks in advance everyone. Mark
  2. Hi all! I'm now in the process of buying a house which I will live in for a year or two and then rent out, I'm quite far into the process and have just discovered that there are no building regs certificates for the loft conversion. However, there is also an extension to the rear of the property (which appears to have been done at the same time) which was signed off by building regs and the certificate contains the name and address of the developer who I will attempt to contact tomorrow. Obviously this situation is making me a little uneasy, and although to the naked eye all the work to the property appears to have been done well, there is always the possibility of shoddy workmanship and I'm guessing the lack of building regs for the loft may have implications for the houses rentability in the future. I would really appreciate any advice on how to move forward with this.
  3. Hello! I'm Steven from London and have a dilemma I would like to share. I currently have a 1 bedroom BTL property in North London (N11), market value approx £270k. Mortgaged at 70%. I have approx £80k to invest and was thinking of doing a loft conversion to add an additional 2 bedrooms and bathroom. Cost of this should be in the region of £60k. 3 bed / 2 bath properties in the area can easily fetch £390k. My question would be: Do I go ahead with this and then release further equity at LTV 70% giving me another £80k to invest once remortgaged? Or do I use the initial £80k I have now and invest in an additional BTL? Ideas and insights appreciated. Many thanks,
  4. Hi, I have a 1 bed BTL flat in North London N11, current market value of around £280k. I am thinking of doing a loft conversion to include an additional 2 bedrooms and bathroom. Cost of renovations should be in the region of £60k. 3 bed/2 baths in the same area have gone for £400k plus. I could then remortgage at 70% LTV releasing a further £90k to then re-invest. My dilemma is do I go ahead with the renovations now or use the £80k to purchase an additional BTL property. I'm keen to grow my portfolio particularly in HMO's and have been looking at other areas of England. Any advice appreciated, Thanks, Steven
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