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Found 5 results

  1. I belive here in the South East Sussex we have reached the *boom phase* of the *buyers curse*.
  2. I'm new to property hub and have been learning alot about the 18 yr property cycle. As I understand we have just come out of.a mid-cycle wobble. In this youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=070uJ0IyAww I listened to, it seems Rob & rob believe we are moving into a boom followed by a bust which pretty much lines up with the 18 yr property cycle. I wanted to ask your thoughts, do you think the bust will come sooner than usual because of COVID?
  3. Hello So we currently live in South East in a Shared Ownership property owning 30% on £360k house. We have just come out of a 2 year fix rate to go onto a tracker(terrible rate as FTB so remortgaged - valued not changed so able to remortgage on £360k.) The reason for a tracker is that we are looking to staircase in January to increase to 45% once we have our finances in order. Once we have this we are looking to get a fix for 2 years then we will have saved enough to purchase a house in our own name of around the same value. However, listening to many podcasts and from research I am unsure about the 18 year property cycle as it falls around this timeframe of when we go to sell and buy. My question is to you.... I am not sure whether to invest the money to get more ownership in the house to get it to 45% but then be exposed to property price movements in the next couple years or save the money and stay on 30% ownership for a couple years. This way, the money won't be eroded - as much - if the market falls. If we move onto 45% ownership our payments in total (including rent and mortgage) will be practically the same. Your opinion on this would be much appreciated.
  4. Hi, My name is Steve and I've been an active subscriber of all things property hub for the past few years. I have always been interested in property and earlier this year decided to take the plunge full time to focus on my passion - leaving behind a decent career in construction. I live in Leeds but my focus and business activities are in Hull, East Yorkshire and I'm interested in discussing the market with anyone with an interest in the area. I'd love to speak to new investors who are interested in making the jump themselves, experienced investors with interesting challenges as well as anyone in between who just shares a passion for all things property. I am currently in the process of building my business so always happy to share my experiences and learn from others! Looking forward to hearing from anyone who wants to chat about Yorks, the Humber, and Hull. Speak soon Steve
  5. I authored the recent MoneyWeek cover story Boom Times are Here Again which was the subject of podcast episodes 69 and 71 in the last couple of months. I run an investment advisory company, Ascendant Strategy, and my desire is to help investors take charge of the financial destiny by appling unique insights on the 18 year economic cycle - and other market cycles - to their strategic and investment decisions. For further information and a free e-book - 7 Reasons Why Investors Need to Understand the 18 year cycle please visit www.theascendantstrategy.com/reports/ or email me at info@theascendantstrategy.com I am also a (small time) property investor and hope to expand my portfolio over the coming years and therefore am interested in the know-how embodied in those who post regularly to this forum. I am based in London.
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