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  1. Hi All, Apologies if this has been previously asked and answered, I was unable to find any such situation so thought I'll ask away. Thank you in advance for reading through and all your advice. Okay so I have this odd situation, thought I'll get some opinion, so here goes, So when applying for mortgage, I gave the address of the property (that I got from RoyalMail PostCode finder). The property was assessed and mortgage was approved. Now when after going through all the legalities and getting to the point of Signing the Contract ... the Contract papers I've received, the address i
  2. While it seems common place to refinance properties owned in an SPV and use the proceeds to fund the deposit on further properties, what options are there to access that equity if one doesn't want to grow there property portfolio any further..? Since equity released by refinancing is not a profit, I imagine it is therefore impossible to extract the equity through dividends - one would instead have to sell a property and record a profit?? This seems like a significant drawback to me compared to owning property in my own name, considering that I don't intend to just forever buy more and mor
  3. I’d like to start a conversation about macro-economics and the effects that it might have on property investing. In particular, I’m going to challenge the notion that house prices always go up and highlight that the price rises which have been enjoyed by property investors for the past generation have been largely due to the steady decline in interest rates. Ultimately I’d like to find clarity on the question of whether property investment is still a good idea today and if so then is the same formula that worked previously still the best approach. I’ve tried to research this topic thoroughly b
  4. Hi everyone- some help, advice and reassurance please! My partner and I (first time buyers) have put an offer in on a house. We have got a mortgage in principle from Barclays for £152k based on having a 5% deposit of £8k for a £160k purchase. If our offer is accepted by the seller, then obviously we need to get started on a mortgage application. We are both in steady, permanent employment- I am a teacher earning £25,373 per year and he is a customer service advisor earning £17,500 per year plus bonuses. My only concern is that up until last month, I was living in my arr
  5. Hi all, I am scaling up my property investment portfolio. I have applied for 5 mortgage applications alone this year. This is taking a toll on my credit score, essentially halving my score to how it was at the start of 2020. The plan is to continue scaling up, potentially 2 mortgage applications planned for next year 2021. My question is; How do other investors deal with this situation with regards to hard searches affecting your credit score? Am I being too ambitious? Regards, Craig.
  6. Hi, Wondering if anyone here has had a similar experience or can help. We purchased a newly converted flat in Leeds a couple of years ago and at the time got a mortgage on it fine without any issues. As we have come to re-mortgage time, we just received an rejection from The Mortgage Works as the surveyor noted the following: "The property lies adjacent commercial premises(mainly low value storage/warehousing and light industrial/manufacturing) on all sides , in an area which does not have a "residential feel". Vehicular access is gained solely via a "commercial "area. The prope
  7. Hi. I am a British expat living in Dubai and I’m looking to buy a retirement property for my grandmother to live in but I’m struggling to get a mortgage - not had any positive feedback from my broker yet! I am told the key factors are the following: The property I’ve found is only £90k It’s a retirement home I’m an expat Its in Scotland and the rules are different for retirement homes Any advice or suggested lenders would be welcomed. Not sure if I’m best going for residential or BTL. Thanks in advance
  8. Hi, I am thinking of structuring some BTL investments in a UK Ltd company in which one or more shareholder would be an ex-pat and one or more shareholder would be a UK resident. If this was the case and we wanted to apply for a mortgage then which should it be - an ex-part mortgage or a Ltd company mortgage? I am hoping it would be possible for a company like like this to apply for a Ltd company mortgage. Or would there be more advantages to an ex-pat mortgage anyway? I assuming that it is the status of the shareholders that would be germane to this, but also wondering if, i
  9. I am a novice property investor at the ripe old age of 56 and I currently own 2 buy-to-let's and 1 residential property. Seeing an opportunity, I really want my 19 year old son to get into property with my support and start to earn an income and become independent on his own. Sadly, he recently left school and is still unemployed. That said, I am trying to find out about mortgage opportunities for him but he does not own a residential property as he still lives at home. Is this really a no-goer or does anyone have any advice on how to go about this please?
  10. Hello, i was wondering if anyone could help me? I own unencumbered at flat worth 83k in a ltd company which is leesehold and ex council.it's in a great location and yeilding well. I'd like to release the equity to invest however have been rejected by two seperate mortgage lenders - keystone and foundation homes both times because there's not enough 'owner occupiers' in the area... basically the council own too many. I was wondering if anyone has any ideas to help me? I think i need some inovative out of the box ideas to try here! Cheers Laurence
  11. Hi so my plan was to quit my job because i had no time to look for property deals and so I could invest in BTL properties with the capital I have saved. Possibly doing some vanilla BTL and some BRRR which could give me rental income to do what I actually want to do. The problem i'm having is finding a mortgage lender which will give me a good interest rate. ATM I have been offered 4.5% for using my shares and investments as possible income, as oppose to 3% if I had a £25k+ salary. Could doing a JV work? Where we split interest costs and capital growth at the end. The mortgage broker got back t
  12. Hi all, I hope you guys can help with this…any advise would be very much appreciated. We have applied for a residential mortgage with Santander through a mortgage advisor. We were expecting no issues and our advisor was very confident that we should not encounter any problem. The application initially went smoothly and no issues were flagged with affordability nor credit score nor valuation of the property we would like to purchase. However, during full underwriter review we had a push back. We have been told that since at Company House I am
  13. Hi, any insights would be much appreciated on the following: I am looking to buy a property which is being sold as 2 flats (a 2 story house has been split over 2 floors) each with it's own private entrance - according to the details I would be buying the freehold and own the whole property I could either keep it as flats or turn it back into one house. 1. Would I be able to get a residential mortgage on the property? 2. Would I be able to keep it as flats, have one flat as my primary residence and rent out the other one? All whilst staying on the resi mortgage? 3. If I want
  14. Hi everyone, I am in the process of purchasing 25% of a shared ownership flat and 2 of my mortgages applications (barclays and halifax) have now been declined for the same reasons : "they won't lend on the property as its an investment-led development property - It appears lenders are not liking the property due to the surrounding of the property and the development appears to be aimed at investors" Could someone explain to me why is this a problem for the lenders? surely that will not affect my capacity to repay my mortgage, and being a shared ownership, i would
  15. Hi All, New to the forum and looking for some insight into what my chances may be of securing a btl mortgage in limited time, So to cut a long story short, I have purchased a flat in auction just on Friday 28/2/21, yes I know it's crazy but I haven't physically seen it. I was outbid on the actual auction, however it didn't meet the reserve so didn't sell. A week later I get a call, it's still available and being offered to me below the reserve before it's back in auction a week later, I make a lowball offer which was refused, I then offer to meet half way to the sellers asking price
  16. Hello everyone, I’m currently looking to buy my first home (around £160,000- £200,000) using either the new 5% deposit mortgage or the equity loan. I currently have £12,000 in a LiSA which can be used in November. Unfortunately, I have a default on my account from January 2016 (for £99 but is settled). I also have 3 late payments. One in 2018 and two in 2019. I have a good credit score with all three agencies and earn £40,000 a year. I have zero balances on all credit cards (including using them and paying them off each month) and I do not use my overdraft. Basi
  17. Hi, I am almost towards my deposit goals to apply for a mortgage for a house. I would like to read the full terms and conditions before I apply for a mortgage, in England. Can anyone provide further details on this? Is there a sample/template/webpage which lists all the terms and conditions that must be included in the contract? Many thanks, Ije
  18. I have been gifted a monthly amount of money from my dad for the last few years and it qualifies under 'normal expenditure out of income' (section 21 of the Inheritance Tax Act 1984). I was just wondering if I am able to boost my salary by adding this monthly gift to it? and in turn apply for a larger mortgage? for example; I have been gifted £500 per month, for the last 7 years from my dad ('normal expenditure out of income'). Can I add this to my main salary of £2500, to boost my salary to £3000 and receive a larger mortgage? Cheers
  19. I am from the UK but I now live in South Africa. I set a goal to make my first property investment this year. I have put a 2k reservation fee down for an off plan apartment in Manchester back in July 2020 to be completed Q2 2022. The process has been taking a long time and it brought up issues with the developer as my but to let mortgage is looking likely to come through a Shariah bank who have said they are willing to give me a mortgage at this stage. Once the property build is complete in 2022 the sellers solicitors will serve notice to complete in 10 days. My solicitor has ironed
  20. Hi everyone, I am relative new to the forum, and enjoyed the property podcast for a few months now. I am currently working for a big multinational and holding T2 VISA in the UK, as a UK resident, but not as a permanent resident. I am thinking of getting my BLT property here but wondering if it could be done. Any mortgage broker is able to help and can arrange a call with me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Dennis
  21. Hello All. I am a part time landlord with 2 HMO's as well as my home. I am interested in buying a commercial property which will come up for auction soon. It is a doctors surgery on a lease where the tenants maintains the property etc. The yield seems attractive (around 5%) and the land has potential for development in the future. Ideally I wish to convert mine and my wife's pensions into SIPP's, together with cash to purchase it. However since it is being sold at auction, preparing the SIPP will take too long and I would have to purchase it another way first. I am budgeting around 9
  22. Hi guys, Myself and.my partner got offered a mortgage to buy a new property.Myself trying to be proactive I've applied and got a job closer to the new property that we are planning to buy. I am worried that the exchange of contract will be after I terminate my contract with my current employer for which the bank is aware. I would like to mention that I work in nhs,effectively transferring to a similar job and salary. My question was if I need to inform the bank in the change of this circumstances ? Thanks Alex
  23. Hi all. I am due to exchange on a property shortly. Me and my SO got our mortgage offer just after returning to work from Furlough after the first national lockdown. Our jobs are totally safe but we risk being furloughed again if this lockdown is extended. We requested to complete before the end of this month incase we are furloughed next month as our mortgage lender will withdraw their offer if we're furloughed. We've now been told that we cant complete till the start of next month and they want to us to exchange at the end of this month. I am scared to exchange contracts then find out
  24. Hi My father-in-law's interest only mortgage ends in around 18 months. He does not have the cash to settle the outstanding amount, and due to his age is not going to be able to remortgage over a term that will make it affordable for him on a monthly basis. Being a builder, he took the decision a couple of years ago to split his property (which he originally built himslef, and is a detached property) in to two with a view to selling one half of it to fund the mortgage, now that all his kids are grown up and moved away. He did not speak to the mortgage company before commenci
  25. Hi all, Completing on a refurb mid-end of November and want to get on the front foot with re-financing options. Can anyone recommend a good btl broker in the East Midlands? To be fair location can be anywhere but my conveyancer will be Nottingham based. thanks
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