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Found 4 results

  1. Following illness I was released with a lump sum by my employer and am looking to create a property portfolio to replace my old income. To maximise my investment I will be looking to purchase several properties with 75% BTL mortgages however I am not an experienced landlord and will not have a separate income. Does anyone know if there are lenders that I can use or can suggest a good way to move forward? Thanks in advance
  2. Hi everyone, I have just registered with the propertyhub after listening to half a dozen or so of the podcasts and really enjoying the style and approach of Rob & Rob. We (my girlfriend and I) bought as first time buyers at £160k in 2012, spent a whole lot of money and 18 months getting planning (nightmare), renovating and extending (if you can name it we have had to do it in our house, roof, electrics, plumbing, steelwork, sewage treatment plant, connect to mains gas, underpinning, dealing with asbestos...). We also managed to buy a little more land and build a garage on the plot we have. With all the work we have done we are hoping to release about £70k when we re-mortgage later in the year with the property value being estimated at £375k, so I am in the process of educating myself as to the best way to use the money to start the ball rolling investing in property. Although I love our house, I am not sure as an investment whether I would want to take on the kind of project we have completed again as it was high risk, involved some unconventional financing arrangements and required a significant amount of time, but it has taught us a lot. So now I am trying to pin down my property investment goals and develop a strategy which will hopefully mean in 10 years or so we can earn a significant income from property which gives us options and more control over our working lives. Would be great to hear from anyone else in a similar situation or who has been there and done it? Also, very happy to share what I have learned from our major renovation project with anyone else thinking of taking the plunge! - David.
  3. Hello, Like most of my fellow members I have been a keen listener to the podcast over the last year or so. I am finally ready after a lot of research to start investing in property. I have one property local to me in Marlow and keen to invest further a field to find a better yield. Hoping to find a lot of contacts to help me manage an investment from a far that bit easier Good like all with your investments! Michael J
  4. Hello all, Let me start by saying what a fab job Rob and Rob have done with the property hub - its a great addition to the property podcast. I am hooked on my Thursday fix of their property podcast and would recommend it highly to anyone that hasn't yet taken a peek/listen. I am very excited to be joining you all here at the property hub! Although I have been raving about the potential in property investment, have read enough books to fill a library shelf or two and have attended plenty of property courses, this is the first time that I have EVER contributed to a forum - so be kind to me people As the title suggests, I live in sunny Birmingham and despite not being new to the information about property investing, I haven't yet taken the plunge and invested. I have decided that 2014 is the year that I will take action. I have not yet invested but plan to invest in North Staffordshire. If anyone can offer constructive info (positive or negative) about investing in the Stoke-on-Trent and Newcastle -under-Lyme areas your thoughts/advice would be much appreciated. Or just a general property chit chat would be fine with me.. Get in touch property podcast people
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