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Found 5 results

  1. Hi everyone! Just to introduce myself I am 26 and work full time with a busy job in the NHS! I bought my home almost one year ago and am now looking to buy my first buy to let and really hope that this will be the start of a portfolio. My main focus is capital growth - a good yield would be great, but I am happy to compromise on this. I am focusing on Nottingham as it is near to where I live so I think that this would be a great starting point. At the moment I am looking at houses only because I understand them more- as I build on my portfolio I would be keen to look at flats at a l
  2. Hello My name is Jamie Parker, I've been in the property industry for 7 years and have worked my way to becoming a manager at Stone & Long Nottingham. I am in a position now where I am able to make all my clients the best returns and advise them on what property is right for them. I currently provide all my clients with lists of the best properties to invest in Nottinghamshire and I am happy to attend with them on viewings to offer further advise and support through the process. I hope to buy an investment property of my own but similar to the builder that has holes
  3. Hi Guys Been following the podcast for a little while now, also have the 100 Property Investment Tips book - it's about time I joined the conversation! I work as a student & HMO letting agent in Nottinghamshire - currently I'm not investing but plan to do so in the near future. With experience in dealing with students, HMO properties, property management, property sourcing and rent to rent options; it would be great to provide any help I can to investors so we may share, learn and grow as a team! I aim to be an active investor in the East Midlands within the next 18 months
  4. Hi All, a little while ago I responded to a question about Nottingham city centre, and I thought my response to that question should probably be logged in the 'location specific advice' section of the forum, so here is my response to that question with my knowledge of the Nottingham market. I hope this may be of some use to people: I used to go to Uni Nottingham Trent and can say that there is a very high student population in Notts and virtually any area in the centre has students due to the multiple campus there. Nottingham Trent Uni is based right in the heart if the city
  5. Hi everyone, My name is Paul and I am a freelance graphic designer based in Mansfield. My dad and I have managed to save up some money and we're considering doing a buy to let. I have a mortgage on my home and my income is tiny (due to early stages of freelance start up). I'm hoping to land a property near where I live so I can manage it myself. My research appears to be steering me in the direction of Nottingham. More than likely I will be going in at the lower end of the market and I was wondering what types of people are best to rent to within the Nottingham area (students, dss, profess
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