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Found 2 results

  1. I'm thinking that any future property I purchase should be in a Ltd company structure. The only thing I don't like is that anyone would be able to look my name up online and see that I own a property investment company and how much it is worth. I don't mind a lawyer being able to find what I own, I'm just not sure I'm comfortable with my friends and colleagues being able to look me up and say "ooh they're worth £X". Not least because they might not even understand what they're looking at, and possible think I'm far wealthier than I am 😆 Furthermore, there seems to be resentment towards landlords which other investors don't have to suffer. I don't suppose there is any practical way anyway around this..? Also, for the Ltd company's registered address, I was thinking of using a 'virtual trading address' such as those that UKpostbox offer, just so I don't have to give my home address to tenants. Is this something others are using? Thanks!
  2. Hi All, Apologies if this has been previously asked and answered, I was unable to find any such situation so thought I'll ask away. Thank you in advance for reading through and all your advice. Okay so I have this odd situation, thought I'll get some opinion, so here goes, So when applying for mortgage, I gave the address of the property (that I got from RoyalMail PostCode finder). The property was assessed and mortgage was approved. Now when after going through all the legalities and getting to the point of Signing the Contract ... the Contract papers I've received, the address is somewhat the same, same House No, Street Name and PostCode, just the locality name is different. When I use both addresses on GoogleMaps, the both point to the same direction (obviously as it;s same House No. Street Name and PostCode). An example would be something like this, Mortgage Application Address: 23, Woods Street, Patchway, Bristol - BS34 5GZ Contract Document Address: 23, Woods Street, Charlton Hayes, Bristol - BS34 5GZ So my question is, Can the Mortgage Lender withdraw it's offer or anything like that could happen! Now I'm filling up the Mortgage Deed and Not really sure if I should continue with the Address that I provided at time of Mortgage Application or should I use the one on the Actual Contract document ... or should I completely remove the locality and just write Street Name and then City Name ... Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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