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  1. Hi all, I'm hoping someone out there with some experience can help me. This will be my third buy-to-let but my first leasehold property. I've run the figures and they add up well. It is a 1 bed top floor apartment with good transport links to the city. My offer is £125,000 and the rental estimate is £625-£650 pcm. However, my concerns are as follows: There is a £678 service charge per year. I have been told that this is £200 more than all the other apartments due to the need for the aqua system for fire safety. This seems a lot of money to me, and I asked if this extra £200 goes into a different pot since it is in place for the aqua system and should be used to fix that in the future? There is no ground rent and no building maintenance company. Each owner is a director of their own leasehold and meetings are held annually to determine upkeep of the building. Have people found that service charges go up a lot in a short time? I've been told the leasehold is 125 years by the estate agent. The term has only just begun (possibly six months in) as it's a new development. This seems a low amount of time. Is this normal? What are other people's experiences of growth on apartments. This isn't city centre (it's about a 20 minute bus ride out and 15 minute drive). Thank you in advance to the people that respond. It's nice to have support out there. Cheers Sally
  2. Hi, I'm writing to enquire about any property finders on property hub that operate in the Midlands and North of England. We're looking for small apartment blocks close to local amenities and public transport in residential areas. Please get in touch to discuss our criteria. Kind regards, Jon
  3. Hi all, New to the forum and trawling through all the great content. Myself and my wife are looking for buy to let properties (mainly in the areas recommended by Rob and Rob on the podcast). Leeds stands out a bit for me, I've spent a couple of nights in Leeds and like the city centre a lot so am quite keen on the area for a buy to let. We're mainly looking for new or nearly new apartments that will require (hopefully) minimal effort in terms of management. I've noticed the LS9 postcode is relatively cheap and it seems there is a lot of regeneration going on neary by with the South bank regeneration and Climate Innovation district. Biggest concern with the area is maybe it's a little too far out (approx 25 min walk to the station according to Google Maps) and possibly a bit sparse of nearby amenties until the above regeneration projects are further down the line - who knows how long that could take?? I've seen other posts mentioning that captial growth could be slow but the yield could be high in this area but we are probably more concerned with captial growth at this stage. I'm wary that the area may be a bit run down so any advice on the LS9/Cross Green area in general would be appreciated. We plan to take a trip up shortly but with limited time available would like to focus on properties in the right areas. Any advice much appreciated! Cheers Sam
  4. Hi everyone, I have been meaning to do this for a while. I am a Belfast investor who having moved to the city this year am enthused by the dozens of cranes in the skyline that havnt been here in such numbers ever. I prefer professional new build apts in central belfast areas. I will be in the position to buy another property towards the end of the year and at the minute the north of England is the most appealing as frankly I cant find the deals here at home. I have tried to contact developers as an individual investor to get bmv deals to no avail and tried negotiating a price reduction as part of a multi purchase with my dad again to no avail. But I did get further with the latter approach and was wondering: a ) Is there a property club in belfast, an inner circle as such. PM me if you don't want to share publically. b ) If not, I would like to start a club or business that might specialise in approaching developers with a group of investors as a negotiating tool to get bmv deals with new build apartments/houses. I have tried to get Rob to consider Belfast to no avail I also would love to get some of your views in starting up such an enterprise and what pitfalls I need to consider. Thanks in advance and I look forward to hearing from everyone. Cheers Eoin eoinmcg66@hotmail.com
  5. Hey all, We are looking at the potential of investing in new apartment developments under construction in the centre of Liverpool and Manchester. This is outside our comfort zone of purchasing typical housing and would welcome any advice. The investment companies/agents websites, promise 6-7% yields and near guaranteed lets. Is this sales patter or realistic expectations? Any positive or bad experiences? Property Investment/Agent Companies to avoid? Specific risks associated with this type of investment? What type of apartments are best...position, no of beds? Good long term investment? Any advice welcome. Thanks in advance. Phil.
  6. Hello everyone! I am so glad to have come across this forum. I'm new here and have dabbled in small scale development in the past. I've recently acquired a large property that I intend to convert into Apartments on each floor. Several Architects have visited the property and said it wouldn't need major works to convert. Obviously, this would be subject to the necessary funding and planning permissions being agreed for the conversion. I'm unsure as to doing it via my personal name or as a Ltd Co. So.. I'm looking to hear from anyone in a similar position or that can guide me on the finance and planning stages. Hopefully, when Ive chatted to a few people in a similar position or after advice, the whole thing won't seem as daunting. Thanks for reading W-Sheikh
  7. Hi, I'm looking for some advice for investing in property in Ickenham. I've come across a development called Harefield Place which I thought looked interesting: http://www.harefieldplace.com/ What do you guys think? It's close to London, good transport links and has a lot of land.
  8. Hi I have a small number of BTL houses and so far I have managed to add value and pull out most of my cash as I have gone along. I'm attracted to investing in apartments as the maintenance requirements seem generally lower and I have found some deals that seem to offer good returns. However my concern is how I can uplift the value in order to refinance and get my deposit back out. I can see it could be done with reconfiguring a 1 bed to 2 or extending the lease but with a newer build property even buying BMV I presume I would be waiting for the uplift in the general market? Am I missing anything here? Thanks Steve
  9. Hi everyone, 32 yo first time buyer, currently overseas but looking at buying an apartment in Liverpool this year. Wondering if anyone has any advice or tips for properties, prices seem to be rocketing up. Would a one bed flat in Aigburth be a good investment vs a CBD / Waterfront unit? budget is about 100k any comments appreciated, escpeically which buildings have said good reputation / which are best avoided..
  10. Hi everyone, 32 yo first time buyer, currently overseas but looking at buying an apartment in Liverpool this year. Wondering if anyone has any advice or tips for properties, prices seem to be rocketing up. Would a one bed flat in Aigburth be a good investment vs a CBD / Waterfront unit? budget is about 100k any comments appreciated, escpeically which buildings have said good reputation / which are best avoided..
  11. Hello everyone Completely new investor here, kiwi/Brit expat living in Dubai who wants to decide on future goals for family and sees property investment as a way of acheiving these goals and enabling us to live a better life within a certain time frame. Initially looking for assistance with releasing equity from a property we own in the UK (do I need a mortgage broker for this?) and then will need assistance of a property company for investment guidance/strategy and then a mortgage broker that specialises in setting up expat mortgages for our next purchase. We are completely serious about focusing on this so I'd welcome any recommendations that might help me start the ball rolling. I'm loving this forum, the podcasts and resources and they really are inspiring and encouraging, now its about the next steps!
  12. Hi all, I am about to do a pretty thorough refurbishment of a 1 bed city centre apartment in Dublin. It was built about 20 years ago so is pretty dated and needs new kitchen and bathroom and I'll probably do new floors while I'm at it. I like all my properties to have some kind of a hook, something about them that sets them apart from the hundreds of other more or less identifical apartments out there, and gets them let quicker and attracts tenants who can afford a higher rent. It can be something about the position, the view, the building, the facilities, or in cases where these are not exceptional, something within the apartment itself. What are your suggestions to make a standard one bed apartment (c.45sq.m) something a little bit special? Do you have any tricks or tips to make it stick out to a potential tenant who has already seen 20 other identical apartments? Thanks for your suggestions,
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