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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, I'm currently seperating from my partner of 25 years. He is planning to buy me out of the family home (which he owns and I invested my money in) and I'm planning to buy a 25% share of a shared ownership house with cash (so no mortgage). I then need to pay the rent on the remaining 75% and obviously general bill's etc... What I'd like to know though, is if anyone else has done this without being employed (I have MS), using benefits to support themselves and pay their rent? I've never applied for benefits before (with the exception of PIP that I've received for the last 5 years, and will be
  2. Hi All, I am facing a situation and I am not sure what to do. I have had some great tenants in my property for the last five years. They are a couple with a little girl of 4 who has just started school in the areas. They have recently informed me that they are splitting up. The guy is leaving the property and renting somewhere else close by. The woman wants to stay in the property. She has recently asked for a meeting to discuss the situation. She wants to discuss a new contract but she has suggested that she will have to apply for benefits as she may not be able to afford the whol
  3. Has anyone come across an insurance company increasing the premium because you, the landlord, have rented to a tenant who is in receipt of some sort of benefits? I have a client landlord who had his insurance increased by 40% because a full time carer was determined by them to be unemployed and so the insurance premium went up from just under £200 to £275 pa & he was also no longer covered for accidental damage. As you can imagine he was not best pleased and made him think of his approach to renewing the contract. if any of you Hubbers have any words of wisdom on this matte
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