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Found 15 results

  1. Hello, I would like to start building up my portfolio of rental properties in an SPV format. I am keen to start contacting mortgage advisers to look for the best limited company BTL mortgage rates. Does anyone recommend a good mortgage advisor with experience of helping a newbie get into the market ? Thanks Camilla
  2. Hi everyone, First time writing a post, I spend a lot of time in this forum, it's a great resource. I wanted to get some general advice please on my situation. My fiance is preparing to purchase her first property, I'm already an homeowner but my partner isn't. She currently lives with her parents and has always wanted to purchase her own place. She is a basic rate tax payer whereas I'm higher rate. We're targeting a property in Kent not far from her parents, specifically looking at Gillingham, Chatham and Strood with a upper threshold of £120k limit on the property price.
  3. Good afternoon all, I hope that you are well. So we have recently had an offer on a studio apartment accepted which we are looking to buy for cash. All was looking great, below market value with a view to add some good value to then refinance...that is until I checked with my broker. He mentioned that the minimum square footage needs to be 30sqr meters. Using the agents measurements on the particulars the square footage is 27-29 based on whether we take out a cupboard. I have made an appoint to take my own measurements to double check. I just wanted to ask if anyon
  4. Could someone please confirm that the following is perfectly acceptable and reasonably straightforward: We'd like to remortgage our current home - which has a nice chunk of equity - to a 75% LTV BTL mortgage and buy another, cheaper property outright to be our new home. So, some of the equity would be used to purchase the new home and some would be needed for the BTL deposit. We would then of course install tenants in our original home. It only makes sense to me if the two transactions happen either the same day, or certainly within a few days of one another, because the purchase of
  5. Hi Everyone After some advice and wonder if other investors have come up against the same issue and how they manged to get round to it. I am currently buying my 3rd investment property and the Valuation was completed last week. My broker called me today with the unfortunate news that the lender is not willing lend on the property and it is in a poor state of repair and has not been properly maintained and are deeming it 'un-lettable', therefore unwilling to give us a BTL mortgage. The property is very cluttered and does need a cosmetic update, however there is currently an owne
  6. Hi All, In need of a BTL mortgage broker in the Bournemouth area. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.. Many thanks, Jason
  7. Hi I have a limited to company to buy BTL property, relatively new one and do not have huge portfolio. I was wondering whether any UK lender (or Any Europe Lender) allow to buy BTL in Europe? Thanks L Dominic.
  8. Hello all I am brand new to this site having only just signed up moments ago. I am a mortgage and protection adviser operating in South Wales but have travelled to across the UK to see clients where needed or operate over the phone. Whichever suits. Looking to build my knowledge and also help others where possible. Thanks for reading Jordan
  9. Hi My name is Rob and I am new to all this so forgive me if this is a no go area for this forum My situation is we have approx. GBP170K to invest as deposits and we want to purchase 2 x BTLs valued at approx. 250K. I am OK with the 25% deposit but the banks want the rental to be 145% @ 5.5% which makes a rent of £1246 per month based on a £187500 interest only mortgage . I doubt there is a 250K property out there attracting that kind of rent. My other options are 5 year rates at a much higher interest rate reducing Nett yield considerably. Or create a comp
  10. Hi I'm looking for a BTL Mortgage adviser/Broker with a good track record for advice on existing and upcoming purchases. In the past i used L&C which i found to be so so as they have not provided any specialist BTL which were not already published to everyone.. Thanks Andy
  11. Hi All, Originally from Liverpool but been living in London for a few years. I have spoken to a couple of mortgage brokers and have been told it is impossible to get a BTL mortgage if not a homeowner, which, unfortunately, I am not. Does anybody know if there is anyway around this at all as would love to buy an investment in the Northwest and would have a deposit. I suppose it is unlikely when they can see I pay rent out every month but if anyone who has done anything similar or could advise, I'd be very grateful. Cheers David
  12. Hi there, my Dad is 69 and might be able to a get deposit together, could he get a BTL mortgage? Thanks for your help.
  13. Hi guys, I don't own my own property yet and never have, so is it possible to get a btl mortgage? I have a cash deposit of about £40k and looking to purchase a property worth about £120-£130k with the intention to rent out. I live in central London myself and are quite happy to rent for the time been. I have just started looking and spoke to a mortgage broker today who said i will really struggle to get a btw mortgage unless i won my own property and can show a history of making the mortgage repayments? Any advice or suggestions would be massively appreciated! best, Ga
  14. Hi, I'm a first time buyer. I'm looking for a property below market value I can add some value to through rennovation, nothing serious. I've seen a property which is around 30% below market value. (Confirmed prices with sales of 2 properties next to it). I believe I can rennovate it with 10% of the total value once complete. Meaning I can add 20% equity without too much trouble. I'm sure there are many many reasons why this is difficult to do, but if theres any possibility of how this can be done I'd be grateful to know it. Heres what I'd like to do. Buy the property w
  15. Hi, would anyone be able to help me understand what sort of things I should be aware of or to look out for when dealing with rent 2 rent? I know I need to always check with the council whether I need to license the house or not. But I struggle to understand how the mortgages the landlord has on the house work? If they have a BTL mortgage, can I still use the house as a HMO (rent it on a room-by-room basis)? Or does the landlord need to have a HMO mortgage? What other things would you advise to watch out for? All advice appreciated, many thanks, Zuzana
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