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Found 2 results

  1. Hi there - first time buyer here looking to begin a BTL portfolio (as a limited company) without buying a main residence first (plenty of detail as to why in the 'Newbie' section!). The main issue mortgage-wise appears to be access to the best rates as a FTB and first time landlord, as a SPV. Question: If I was to purchase a property with cash (via an SPV), let it out, then 'remortgage' (unencumbered remortgage?) after 6 months to release 60% the equity, would this effectively leave me in the same position as getting a 60% LTV mortgage at point of purchase, but open up more (and cheaper) mortgage options as we wouldn't be first time buyers or first time landlords after 6 months? Any thoughts here?
  2. Hi All I'm finding this site great and want to introduce myself. I'm James I'm married and we have a young toddler. Currently my wife and I both have full time jobs but we would both like to get our first BTL in the northwest. We equity in our currently house and some savings also. We ultimately would like to buy a couple of properties a year which are initially interest only and any money we make we can put the money into further properties so that our disposable income keeps growing. Properties were after 2 or 3 bedroom houses which need minimal work done ( as currently don't have the experience) so we can add some value. My two questions are: When we buy our first BTL are we best purchasing via a company or residential mortgage? I'm presuming via a company. Any advice /tips for searching for ideal BTLproperties? I'm presuming it's just doing your own research in the area. Hope someone can help. James
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