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Found 3 results

  1. Hi All, I could really use your input on this situation. I'm in the process of buying a semi-detached house that was built in the 1920-ish. The first floor landing slopes to one side (very noticeable was you stand on it) that makes me quite concerned. The vendors have said they've had a RSJ beam installed in place of a wall that was removed on the ground floor, below the first floor landing and have said that the slope is not an issue. We have a Level 3 building survey being carried out on the property in a few weeks but the surveyor says they won't be lifting carpet/floor boards etc. and that they will recommend other contractors to do an intrusive survey if they deem necessary. What steps should I take in order to make sure I have a definitive answers as to what why the first floor may be tilted and how to get it fixed? I have always assumed having a Level 3 survey is the best next step but as it's none-intrusive, is there a better option? Obviously none of these things are cheap and I understand that I'd need to pay to get these answers but I don't want to have to pay people just to be told to speaker to (and pay) someone else. Thanks for any input or experience with this you may have. Philip.
  2. I'm planning to buy a house with my husband and will be putting in deposit of £30 grand on a £330 grand house ( from my savings). I'm a stay at home mum, whereas my husband has a good income and, you'd think, should always have a job. His health however is not great and he does get sick quite often. We also have a two year old.I don't know how much of what I've written here is relevant but my question is basically should I put half of the house in my name, or is it better to leave it all in his name (perhaps just sign some contract whereby in the event of separation he will owe me my deposit)? I'm just concerned that should something happen I will not be able to pay the mortgage and might be left with a big debt. I was earning pretty much a minimum wage before we had a baby. I also have a flat ( in my sole name) and don't want the bank to go after it if say il end up with debt on the house.
  3. hi everyone I wondered if anyone had been in this position before we had our offer accepted on a house on the 30th November. we have a mortgage in place. a survey has been carried out. So things were moving really quickly and we were hoping to be in by the end of January. it has come to light that the sellers still haven't found a house to move in. Our mortgage quote runs out in July so we have 5 months but with the long process that's not long at all. I wondered if anyone had any advice Thank you x
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