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Found 7 results

  1. Hey, just looking for some advice/guidance....I have the opportunity to purchase a property at c. £110K cash (which I can do), its on the market for £150K, desktop valuation shows £149K, so definitely BMV. It is a 2yr old build surrounded by older properties, so at the top of the list in terms of value when compared to other local properties. There is no work/refurb needed, just a motivated seller - But, I dont want to leave all my cash tied up in the deal and therefore would look to mortgage the property at around the 6 month mark. My concerns:- How will I get the valuation at c. £150k if I brought the property for 6 months earlier at £110k. I cant evidence any work that I have done or value that i have added. The property is in a postcode that has had 7 sales in 12 years, so there no real comparable (the only evidence will be the £110k I paid 6 months earlier) At a valuation of £150K it is at the top of the list in terms of values of the property in that area Would appreciate any advice/thoughts on what to do with something like this.....??
  2. Hi, im looking to begin my journey into real estate and have plenty of cash saved up to begin. I was looking for some advice on how to invest it and what is the best way in 2020?
  3. Hello there, I know that you can't apply to remortgage before you've owned a property for 6 months but is there any restriction on buying (for cash or bridging) and selling in a couple of months after a quick refurb? Thanks in advance, Dave.
  4. Hello, Thanks for the visit. I am soon to complete on a 60,000 flat purchase for cash. I am not currently working (so no job income to show). Small income from 2 other rental properties (1 with mortgage, 1 without). I was advised I wouldn't be able to get a mortgage without first having 1 year of rental history for the property. My idea was to try and get 50-70% mortgage (repayment OR interest), and use this invest elsewhere (either Peer2Peer or put towards another flat purchase). Is this possible without a job income to show lenders? Interested to hear thoughts and experiences on whether this is feasible or even a good/bad idea! Thanks, Steve
  5. Hello, I don't know if that the right place to talk about this topic. I'm French and I'm planning to buy in London a mixed use property in cash. I will live in the building in the dwelling area but I also want to rent the commercial part of the building to a limited company that I will own. Through this company, I will have in one hand a company mortgage to finance the renovation work, pay all the building fees and in another hand I will get all the tenants rents. This company will then hire me as the manager of the building with a salary every months. Do you think that this concept seem to be fine regarding the taxes?
  6. I'm involved in a cash purchase of a property (family member is the buyer). Please could anyone help me with following questions: How long should it take to complete after valuation, surveyors etc? If the cash buyer is likely to be in and out of the country with work, is this likely to slow things down/ effect procedures? I presume contact over email/ phone should be sufficient? Thanks in advance. Paddy
  7. Hi there, I wanted to ask other investors how they manage six figure cash lump sums, say £150k? I spent a bit of time looking today and got as far as; - £30,000 premium bonds (as a higher rate taxpayer) - £20,000 in a Santander current account paying 3% taxed (small admin burden of managing two direct debits) - £15,000 cash isa (from June onwards) The cash needs to be readily available to fund new property purchases (within 21 days). Also, do any of you operate with a cash 'buffer' eg comprising x months voids per property, x% interest rate movements or x% LTV? Or would these vary in response to your external environment. Thanks in advance. Regards Stuart
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