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Found 6 results

  1. Coronavirus with Crude Oil crash strikes in. All major indices are plummeting like in 2008, gold is picking up in value. UK Oil is almost rock bottom. UK goverment is trying to stimulate the economy, again! Should we be worried already? Is recession coming? Is 18-year cycle a MYTH? Major politics and public people are getting infected by the Coronavirus. What one of major politics will die due to Covid-19? Will this cause a panic? Will this whole uncertainty bring UK property market down in post-brexit era? Is there enough toilet paper for us in
  2. Hi All, I listened to today's podcast and thought it was interesting to hear Rob say that he believes there will be a crash or correction to the property market in the next 18months! This does not follow the 18 yr property cycle theory. What are people's thoughts on this??? Should we hold back on investing further at the end of the year? Interesting...
  3. So, in the last week I have received three emails from three different sources claiming 2017 will see a property crash like we saw 10 years ago. Now, I'm not one to jump on the bandwagon but these are three different companies so it does me think that maybe there is something going on that I'm unaware of so wondering if anyone else has received similar emails or heard anything else? There has obviously been post Brexit comments and predictions as to what may happen but despite the value of the pound dropping, and then climbing again anyway, it has all been pretty quiet
  4. I've noticed property prices around where I live in south east London are dropping. I had a quote for my flat five month ago and prices since then (just by my observations) are now maybe £30,000 lower or more, plus nothing is moving. Two flats have just dropped the asking by £25,000 in the last couple of days. I'm curious why none of this is being reported in the media. So my question is - do you think we are headed for a London crash (as a French bank recently predicted of 30% to 50%) or are we just in a post-Brexit slump and prices will recover once the shock has worn off? In either case, ho
  5. I am a first time buyer - and have my deposit and everything set up to purchase my first home - however I am concerned there will be a potential crash/drop in property value as article 50 (brexit) is due to be signed this spring. Should I hold fire and wait to see what will happen to prices and not rush to buy now? Personally it is a good time for me to buy now but I dont want to make a massive mistake as it has taken me a lifetime to earn my first deposit. Thanks all
  6. What is your prediction for property bubble crash ?
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