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  1. Hi all Planning to invest in a BTL in Birmingham soon. Please can you share your recommendation(s) for letting/property management agency(s) in Birmingham? Preferably a local business/boutique/family run agency, working with BTLs. If you recommend a chain, the name of a particular agent would be appreciated (if you would rather message privately, please let me know). Any recommendations on ones to avoid welcomed too. Thanks and good day Richard
  2. I'm thinking of studying for Level 3 (Residential Sales, Letting) Certificate through MOL Propertymark Qualifications Awards. Has anyone studied using these courses? I'd be interested to hear from anyone who has studied these courses or has thought about doing so. Are they worth doing?
  3. Hello,I've made an offer for a property selling through this local Birmingham agency (Loveyourpostcode). Have you had any experience as a buyer/seller with this company? I’ve heard good things about Bobby Singh and Love Your Postcode. He seems very sociable and has a lot of funny posts on LinkedIn.
  4. Hey PH team My name's Joe and I'm a movie obsessed designer living in London with my wife Rachel, and we're both eager to really get going in property. Why I'm writing this post Over the past few weeks we've been crunching the numbers and building spreadsheets to assess the areas we'd like to invest in and so far Coventry is feeling right for us. It's around the right price we can afford and isn't *too* far from London. We're aiming to visit in the next few weeks to get a feel for the place and maybe visit some properties and would love to grab c
  5. Hello, I rented out my previous home in Oxford in 2013 and moved back up North to be closer to my Mother. It's also currently my main income. Have ended up staying with the same agents ever since even though I've been disappointed with their service quite a bit. I guess overall it's made my life easier to just stay with them, seeing as I live about 200 miles away. I need to pick up the courage to terminate the contract but finding the idea daunting! Have left it until now and now time pressure is on. Need some handholding!
  6. Hi all, I was having a lively discussion with some fellow investors and wanted to hear what people on this forum think. Whether you're a seller or a landlord, how do you choose which agent to market your property? I've had 3 projects with 3 different agents and I can't say I've nailed down a system yet. First, I went with the cheapest, thinking it was good business sense. But of course, you get what you pay for, which I learned the hard way. Then I went for the agent who originally sold me the property - thinking they know the property and how much work I put in re
  7. Hi all, I'd love to hear your experiences and advice. I have six BTL properties, four in different parts of London and two in Liverpool. They are all managed by estate agents. I find dealing with different agents for all the properties a nightmare, different systems, difficulty building decent relationships with the agents, etc. I've tried using one agent for all four properties in London but that's difficult as one company doesn't have a physical shop in each location. This makes last minute viewings difficult plus one of my (dream) tenants saw the property in the est
  8. Hi everyone, just wanted to see what the general consensus was in regards to putting an offer in, I offered on a property last Tuesday and after phoning nearly every day to find the outcome i eventually got the news yesterday (1 week later) that it had been rejected by the vendor and would I like to up the offer... What's the longest you should wait until you get a decision ?
  9. Hello, I want to know all of the problems you have or have experienced with the property industry. Whether it is in relation to owning a property or be the buying/selling process, management of properties, communication between parties or anything else. I want to get a clear idea of what the problems are or what you see as negative within the property industry?
  10. I need some advice in relation to the sale of my property. It is a leasehold flat and it currently has a tenant residing. I am giving notice via my letting agents who also manage the property which will be 2 months. The AST comes to an end on 28th April so I understand that we cannot give him notice for before that period. The buyer was unsure whether she was going to buy to let and keep the tenant on or vacant possession. She has since said she can't get a buy to let and will buy with vacant possession. The agent let slip to me that she intends to keep the tenant on but without the buy to let
  11. Hi everyone, Would appreciate your advice.... I am planning to sell a London flat I have owned for around 12 years. It has been rented out through a local agent for around 8 years. I am not resident in the UK, so using an internet agent is probably difficult as I would need a local agent to show people around. I am fairly experienced with letting and buying property - but I am a complete newbie when it comes to sales! So I would greatly appreciate advice on 1) whether I should ask several agents for valuations or just the cur
  12. Hi everyone My name is Emma and I am new to Property Hub! I love everything property and am looking to network with people who can help me to source houses to buy in Birmingham. I have a 5 year plan to buy 20 by 2021 which will be four properties a year. Ideally looking to buy houses within half a mile of city center Birmingham. My main challenge is time to source properties as I have a job that requires long hours. My role is commission based to looking to invest between £100-£125k a year in property. My strategy is Buy to Let, i have bought a few houses personally and
  13. Hi all I am looking for a good agent for let only or rent collection service to rent out my studio flat in Bow. In the past I have done everything myself but I want to use an agent this time. I have so far got quotes from 3 of the top agents in the area. They all seem to hover around the 8-9% mark for let only service. Some charge for contract and inventory ON TOP which I find hard to swallow. And they charge 1% less for second term and so on. Is this normal or should i be getting a better deal?? anyone got any good agents to recommend that cover Bow area?? many thanks Leil
  14. Hello everyone, My name is Sara and i am the Manager of 247 Property Services n Sheffield and Rotherham. I would like to introduce myself and what we do here at 247. I have in worked in property for many years both here in the UK and Dubai UAE. I have a passion for the property industry and thoroughly enjoy the work i do. 247 is an amazing company providing services for both Lettings and Sales. On the Lettings side we do a tenant find only service and a fully managed service. On the Sales side we do our full Sales service and an online only service. We have many happy clients and
  15. Hi all, I have seen there has been a very similar post to this just posted in the general forum however I feel that I don't want to hijack anyone elses posts with more questions so I will create a new topic and see how it goes. I have been doing a lot of research with buy to lets in the last couple of months and recently I have started viewing potential properties. I am hoping to build up more experience and become more efficient at this "viewing" phase of the process. With that in mind I wonder if anyone would have any advice on what to look out for when viewing a property and in
  16. I need to prove to court that I had a residential property on the market in 2008 or 2009. I can't remember dates or agents or anything useful to my case. The property is in Mansfield Nottinghamshire. I live in the US. Who should I ask? Where should I go for help? Unfortunately, the sale fell through. Would agents keep records of properties they marketed but did not sell?? Desperate need of your help. Thank you. Holly Warren
  17. Hi, I currently live in Edinburgh and am looking to purchase my first property (see my Edinburgh Intro post ). I was wondering if anyone had any good or bad experiences with solicitors in Edinburgh? There are loads of solicitors and knowing which are good is hard to find by research alone. Similarly if anyone had any experiences (good or bad) with mortgage brokers in the same area that would be great. I have been testing the waters but some personal experience would be welcomed for a property beginner like myself. Likewise, if anyone has advice and pointers from outwith Edinburgh t
  18. Hi Everyone, Need some help/advice on a rather frustrating situation I'm facing. A now Ex-estate agent who used to lease my property are yet to provide me with 6 months of statements, However took the management fee each month. I have called to ask them for the statements, However they keep stating that they have introduced a new computer system and are having issues retrieving/generating everyones statements. I have called and spoke to over 20 people at the company and they all say they are looking into resolving this. The latest I received is a formal letter of apology, However i stated
  19. Hi All, I have managed to remortgage my 2 bed flat in HIghbury to a buy-to-let. It has recently been done up and is quite high-spec (as we used to live there!) and am now on the lookout for someone to fully manage it. I have been looking at high street estate agents, and WOW THE COSTS - 18% one offered me (although he did say it was negotiable). So, I have been looking at online agents, and wondered if anyone had any experience? cheers charlie
  20. I was chatting with Rob D recently and he mentioned that, if there was a documentary in this country about estate agents, it'd probably be an expose (I don't know how to do the little hat thing!) Well, it looks like the BBC were doing a CIA on us because here it is:- http://forum.allagents.co.uk/blogs/bradleys-estate-agents/160-bbc-to-unlock-doors-on-estate-agents It doesn't look like it's got a concrete airing date yet but April seems to be the time. Will be very interesting to see how agents are portrayed now we're the market is on an upward turn. Do you think it'll lean
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